Langley is made for history buffs like you! We’re ready to welcome you to our many breathtaking and historical museums we have to offer! Take a moment to step back into our past and discover all of these things you had no idea existed! For explorers like yourself, this is the perfect place for you to get to know. From the Fort Langley National Historic Site, to the Canadian Museum of Flight; there will always be something that is going to blow your mind!

We have provided just a couple of amazing places for you to go explore while you are here in Langley.

BC Farm Museum 

9131 King Street, Langley.

The BC Farm Museum is a place where the past greets the present, through rich and vibrant stories of the pioneer settlers of the Fraser Valley. Agriculture is indeed alive and well throughout the province, especially in the Fraser Valley. Come take a look!


BC Telephone Museum 

3190 271st Street, Langley.

The 1910 BC Mills Building is home to the Telephone Museum in the Community of Aldergrove. This is the perfect place for all you history buffs to check out!


Canadian Museum of Flight 

5333 216th Street, Langley

Step back in time to discover aircrafts dating back to the First World War and learn about Canada’s role in aviation at the Canadian Museum of Flight. After checking out the aircrafts and displays, make sure you visit the museum’s aviation gift shop.


CN Rail Station 

23238 Mavis Avenue, Langley.

The station was built for the Canadian Northern Railway back in 1915; this was due to the expansion of agriculture and new settlements being created in the Fraser Valley. The station is a perfect place for all of you explorers and families!


Fort Langley National Historic Site 

23422 Mavis Avenue, Langley.

History comes to life inside the walls of the Fort Langley National Historic Site. An epicenter of family fun, learn about the Hudson’s Bay Company involvement in the fur trade in Fort Langley.


Langley Centennial Museum 

9135 King Street, Langley.

Discover Langley Centennial Museum’s collection of First People’s woodcarvings, tools, stone sculptures, and basketry in the History Gallery. The Temporary Exhibition Gallery displays art, history, or science, with a local, regional, national, or international focus.