September 22, 2022

The Township of Langley is overflowing with things to see, taste, smell, and touch, and we proudly celebrate our communities’ ability to create sensational experiences! Winemakers, chefs, artisans, and growers of all sorts allow visitors to savour freshness in unique ways. Here you can touch the grapes on the vine as you sip a newly released vintage or linger over a meal made with ingredients sourced from a farm located just around the corner. And that is just for starters…

We all know the scent of fresh blooms is like no other! And with farms such as Sage and Solace, where you can create your own bouquet, or studios like Floralista Flower Studio and Niche Boutique Florals ready to supply you with a variety of gorgeous flowers to take home, you’ll be able to revel in the aroma of summer for days on end.

To contemplate the beauty of a work of art in person, to wear a piece of handcrafted jewelry, or to sip out of a unique pottery piece is also an experience like none other! Be sure to find out for yourself when you find a treasure at these locations like these, Fort Gallery, Juliet 925, or Kizmit Gift Gallery, all of which are dedicated to showcasing local artisans!

Some still find it surprising that Langley is home to a flourishing wine region! The terroir here provides ample opportunities for a variety of grapes to grow, making for delicious wines that can also be enjoyed in a scenic country setting; with many wineries providing tastings year-round!

One of our favourite ways to satisfy our senses is to sample many of the varieties of eats available in the Township! Whether you want to celebrate with High Tea at Tracycakes Bakery Cafe or Little White House Co., catch up with friends with a fun lunch at Planet Java Fifties Diner or experience fine dining at Bacchus Bistro, you’ll find we’ve got something for every taste bud.

#LangleyFresh is about authentic experiences, those that feel fresh. Yet, locals and visitors alike have been eating, breathing, and exploring it for as long as we can remember. These locations are just the tip of the iceberg so join us as we, Tourism Langley, reacquaint you with all that Fresh from Langley is about.

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