July 6, 2021

We’ve come through a long season of staying close to home and away from those dearest to us. With both excitement and carefulness we are happy to welcome visitors back to the Township of Langley! B.C. offers endlessly diverse options for locals with wanderlust — and while for some, “getting away” means going to Okanagan’s Lake Country or to the majestic Gulf Islands, there is another incredible destination worth exploring, right under our noses: the gorgeous Township of Langley, B.C. Come experience how #LangleyFresh is about more than the things that it produces. It’s about connecting to what really matters, and the feeling that’s created when we take a moment to slow down and experience the things that we love in their purest form.

From incredible organic produce to premium wineries and breweries, many favorite things come fresh from Langley. Just 45 minutes from the Lower Mainland and three hours from Kamloops and Penticton, Langley offers a vast array of year round fun — and for people looking to explore B.C. , the proximity to top-tier activities is unbeatable. With abundant mountain vistas, stunning farm country and an incredible food scene, Langley and the many communities within it have become a highly coveted spot for accessible adventure and relaxation.

For those seeking outdoor pursuits, Langley is an athlete’s paradise. With six golf courses to choose from, Langley’s temperate climate offers the opportunity to tee off year-round — from PGA-level courses to driving ranges, every level of golfer will find something to enjoy. For equestrians, Langley is the place to be — whether you seek traditional dressage work or more relaxing trail rides, there is no better place for horse lovers in B.C. than Langley’s rolling hills and world class facilities. It’s not just golfers and riders who flock to Langley; road cyclists consistently seek out Langley’s diverse terrain for cross training, birders revel in the glorious marsh and farm topography, and mountain enthusiasts delight in Langley’s proximity to breathtaking Mount Baker and Golden Ears. The opportunities for adventure are truly endless.

If you base your road trips around epicurious pursuits, Langley is filled with artisanal offerings sure to delight the senses. In recent years, a number of extremely popular breweries have popped up throughout town — hop on a bike and embark on a brewery tour with friends. If delicious wine is what you’re after, South Langley has a number of exceptional wineries who produce award-winning varietals, taking advantage of the area’s warm, long summers. Pop into a tasting room while you’re coming through town, or better yet — book a tour and soak in the viticulture with friends. Lastly, if fresh food is what you’re after, Langley truly has it all. Have you ever wondered where the majority of BC’s local organic food comes from? Some of Vancouver’s premium farm-to-table eateries are supplied by Langley’s top shelf produce, meat and dairy farmers — skip the grocery store line and come see for yourself what quality product and traditional methods look like, firsthand.

Quite possibly the best part of Langley is something harder to quantify: the friendliness of the people who make this community come to life. From the local organic cafes to the farmers waving from their tractors, Langley has a warm, charming energy that will make you feel instantly at home. In Langley, quality and a commitment to doing things the right way is a way of life. Come savour the warmth of this community while you eat, drink and adventure your way through town.

If there is one thing this past year has taught us, it’s to cherish the land and communities right in front of us. Come discover the bountiful, vast Township of Langley B.C. — we are open, and waiting for you with a smile.

When you plan your visit, check out the #LangleyFresh experience on Instagram for inspiration — and be sure to share your adventures with us, too! We can’t wait to see you.

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