August 2, 2022

At the beginning of the year, we held a giveaway during our Shop Local campaign called “Share the Local Love” where we asked you to nominate a local business that you wanted to see win a marketing package from Tourism Langley. One of the establishments you picked was Farmhouse in Provence, located in Fort Langley at the corner of Glover Road & Mavis Avenue. Here’s some of what we already knew about this unique spot; they’re all about creating a warm environment, full of locally sourced items, alongside their love of vintage finds and storytelling. For their marketing package prize, we visited owner Connie Eely to learn more about Farmhouse in Provence and capture some images of her store. We hope you enjoy!

Tourism Langley: Can you tell us a bit about how Farmhouse in Provence started, and when it opened?
Farmhouse in Provence: Farmhouse in Provence was born out of my love for travel, specifically to romantic markets and shops in the South of France. I opened in 2019, in Downtown Langley, and relocated to the sweet little village of Fort Langley a year later.

TL: What kind of experience do you offer?
Farmhouse: You can find little shops like Farmhouse in Provence in countryside villages throughout Europe; in England, Italy, and France. My little boutique represents these bustling small shops on cobblestone streets, with artisan shopkeepers selling local pottery, lavender, tea, soaps, candles, and art. We want to provide a feeling of a warm welcome when you walk through our door. We offer locally-made ice cream as well, made with local ingredients from Rocky Point Ice Cream. Just recently, we have started selling Dole Whip Soft Serve as a non-dairy option.

TL: What is your greatest success as a business?
Farmhouse: My greatest success is the delightful comments I receive from guests, who comment about the warm atmosphere and friendly service they receive, and what an eccentric little shop we have. These comments warm my heart!

TL: Can you tell us about what is most important to your company?
Farmhouse: To highlight local art, and to bring beauty to the shopper through pre-loved and vintage clothing and antiques.

TL: Is there another business in the Township of Langley that inspires you?
Farmhouse: My sister Delaine has been my biggest inspiration for opening my own shop. She and her husband own Into Chocolate Candy & Confections in Fort Langley. They have two locations now and have created an amazing chocolate and candy store that is widely known and loved throughout the Fraser Valley.

TL: What is your favourite thing about owning a business in the Township of Langley?
Farmhouse: Out-of-town visitors are always delighted with what the Fraser Valley has to offer, specifically the Township of Langley. We have so many wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and local artisans represented throughout all of these delights. Additionally, we have so many farms and wineries to visit. Circle Farm Tour is a wonderful resource, as well as taking a local tour with Chew on This Tasty Tours; they’re both great ways to experience some of these treasures.

TL: Do you have any “must try” items or experiences?
Farmhouse: The Storyteller Candle by Folklore Candle Co. is my hands down favourite soy candle in my shop for the long burn time, the lingering wonderful scent, and the imagery that their branding evokes. We have a large offering of artisan candles, including Les Bougies de Charroux, which are hand poured in a little atelier in Charroux, France.

TL: Do you source any local items? If so, where are they from?
Farmhouse: We source many local items, too many to list! We have local pottery, local art, and local greeting cards. We sell beeswax candles by Arbutus Candle Co. in Vancouver; earrings and mugs by Ravensrest Studio; earrings by Losden Maille from Langley. Our antiques and vintage clothing are mostly sourced locally as well.

TL: What would you recommend to a visitor if they were looking for other sources of entertainment, shopping, or experiences in the Township?
Farmhouse: Mangia e Scappa is a favourite restaurant and a definite stop for an authentic Italian experience on Mavis Avenue in Fort Langley. It is family owned with a delightful Mercato where you can find take-home pasta and pizzas. More than that, I recommend you take a seat and enjoy a caprese salad with handmade pizza made in a wood-burning oven that sits right in their outdoor courtyard.

Thanks again to all those who participated in our giveaway contests and for continuing to show our local businesses lots of love! If you are looking for inspiration on where to find your next experience, please visit us at Tourism Langley.