Pizza Garden Lounge

At Pizza Garden, they are experts in the preparation of authentic Neapolitan artisan pizzas, and they provide their customers with the real Italian pizzeria experience here in Canada.

They pride themselves on using only the highest quality ingredients and toppings. Their authentic crusts are made from the world’s finest Italian flour. Their tomato sauce is made using fresh, vine-ripe tomatoes. If you like meat, rest assured all of their meat is sourced either directly from Italy or from local BC farms.

Each pizza is made to order and baked to perfection in an Italian open stone oven.

At Pizza Garden Lounge, they have recreated the original menu into a more extensive one, because they want to cater to all of their customers in the area. They now serve Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas, pastas, desserts, drinks, coffee, gelato, beer, wine and cocktails.