Early Bird Family Farm

The Early Bird Family Farm is a 20-acre regenerative farm located near Aldergrove BC.

The farm began organic gardening practices to grow food for both themselves and their community; as well as to begin a pollinator conservation project. Since they only use organic and natural practices on the farm, they quickly joined forces with Heather Higo of UBC (https://beehive.ubc.ca/people/heather-higo) to provide a rehab facility for the sick bee hives that she rescues and researches.

That project led to growing thousands of fresh cut flowers and greenery; creating a sustainable flower farm. The Early Bird Farm currently sells bouquets and organic vegetables out of their farm stand, which is a vintage upcycled horse trailer that is decorated with antiques and is extremely popular with everyone who visits the farm. They invite visitors to wander about the farm, experiencing not only the gardens but to visit and learn about the heritage animals and fowl that call this farm home, all of which were critically threatened species and are now starting to thrive because of farms like theirs.

The farm features a picnic area by their pond where a family can share some food and relax while being serenaded by the colourful flock of ducks and geese. The farm also puts on special events such as the popular “date nights” where couples can transport themselves to a different world and enjoy good food, wine, live music and are sent home with a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers.