Chew On This Tasty Tours

Take a self-guided tour that provides you with a treasure map (your itinerary) to discover tasty hidden gems.

Chew On This Tasty Tours celebrates farmers, chefs, makers, bakers, producers, local culture, history and artists while inviting you to SIP TASTE DISCOVER local.

It’s the perfect day out with a special partner or a fun way to spend the day with your friend group. Are you looking for something to do as a family? Check out the family-friendly tours for lots of laughs and yummy fun that will create lasting memories.

Your day is more than just eating and drinking; it is full of adventure! Move from bistro to farm to picnic to candy store with your scheduled tastings. You will meet the passionate business owners and the people behind the scenes. Find perfect photo ops and take the ultimate selfie! They show you great options for shopping too! You’ll be delighted as your day unfolds in front of you and surprised by how quickly your tour is over. And you’ll leave planning your next tour.