August 8, 2019

Cover Photo Credits: redwoodsgolf on Instagram

There’s a variety of fun outdoor activities to enjoy in Langley, from fishing to disc golf. We’ve made a comprehensive list of outdoor endeavours for you to experience and enjoy.

Horseback Riding

Credits: Back in the Saddle Again Trail Riding on Facebook

Horseback riding is a fun activity for all age groups – especially for the animal lovers out there. Choose your next equestrian adventure in the Township of Langley.

Back in the Saddle Again
20722 4 Avenue

Glen Valley Stables
1255 208 Street

Langley 204 Horseback Riding
543 204 Street

Sacred Equestrians
22603 64 Avenue

Webb’s Holiday Acres
1128 256 Street

High Point Equestrian Centre
658 200 Street

Canoe and Kayak

Credits: Fort Canoe Kayak Club on Facebook

What better way to relax and relieve some stress than a good paddle? Whether you’d prefer to learn through a program or drop-in sessions, there’s a craft available for you.

Fort Canoe & Kayak Club
Billy Brown Road

Fort Langley Canoe Club
Billy Brown Road


Credits: _just_lisa on Instagram

Fishing is the perfect way to unwind, and maybe even catch dinner! Try your hand at catching a few at Langley’s own Derby Reach Regional Park.

Derby Reach Regional Park
21801 Allard Crescent


Credits: Belmont Golf Course on Facebook

Golfing is a fun activity for everyone to enjoy, and Langley offers a variety of clubs to choose from. Whether you’ve been golfing all your life, or you’re new to the sport, Langley has a course for you.

Belmont Golf Course
22555 Telegraph Trail

Fort Langley Golf Course
9782 McKinnon Crescent

Langley Golf & Banquet Centre
21550 44 Avenue

Pagoda Ridge
7887 264 Street

Poppy Estate Golf Course
3834 248 Street

The Redwoods Golf Course
22011 88 Avenue

The Range

If you enjoy shooting guns, this is the place for you!

The Range Langley
9938 201 Street #2

Disc Golf

Credits: fraservalleynow.com 

If you haven’t guessed it already, disc golf, or frolf, is frisbee and golf combined! A fun activity for everyone!

Langley Disc Golf Club
Langley Passive Park – 20705 36th Avenue

Raptors Knoll Ready to be Disc-Covered
Jackman Wetlands Park – 1111 272 Street


With all of these outdoor opportunities knocking at your door, this list is sure to keep you busy for a while!  Discover all there is to see in the Township of Langley!

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