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Campbell Valley Regional Park


March 26, 2019

There is a lot that’s special about our natural gem, the Campbell Valley Regional Park in South Langley. Locals know that its extensive network of trails aren’t the only reason to visit the park on a regular basis. In addition to its 29 km’s of hiking trails, 3.7 km’s of biking trails, and 14 km’s of horseback riding trails, there are many other reasons why Campbell Valley is the perfect place to spend a sunny day stretching your legs.

Something that you don’t often see tucked away inside a nature park is a racetrack. The historic Langley Speedway was once an active race track from the 1960’s to early 1980’s. It was one of only a few sites in BC to host Nascar events. You may be surprised to see the ‘Deer Trail’ open up to such a large area while exploring the park. Take a look around at the remnants of some of Langley’s exciting history, and perhaps run a lap of the course. Find the Langley Speedway located near the Campbell Downs Equestrian Centre park entrance.

Other trails will open to reveal picturesque ponds and streams, wildlife filled meadows, and even more historic properties including the old Lochiel Schoolhouse and Annand/Rowlatt Farmstead near the South Valley Entrance. Lochiel School, built in 1924, replaced the original facility which was established in 1889. The Lochiel School was one of the earliest schools formed in the new province of British Columbia. The historic farmhouse, built in 1888 is one of the oldest houses still in existence in the Township of Langley. You can also reserve a group campsite or picnic shelter in the park, and even let your four-legged friends explore the dog off-leash areas located along 4th Avenue.

Some local Instagram users have suggested that the park’s thick foliage and forest feels ‘Jurassic Park’ like, while others spend their time feeding the birds and ducks, picnicking under the trees, traversing the boardwalks, and riding high atop a graceful thoroughbred. A great way to experience the serene beauty of Campbell Valley is to book a trail ride with a local company, or visit with family or friends.

Image courtesy of Metro Vancouver.