Festina Lente Estate Winery

The words “Festina Lente” literally mean “Make Haste Slowly”. This accurately reflects their philosophy of taking the time to accomplish things with diligence the first time and the pride that they take in simple things done well.

Like all farmers, they enjoy tending their garden in the spring and love the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables in the autumn. They are learning constantly and have developed an appreciation for the wisdom of times gone by and the skills that have been lost to history.

As beekeepers and winemakers, it was a natural fit to explore the lost tradition of Mead or Honey Wines. Of course, over the years, tastes change and they have developed a drier and more sophisticated honey wine that can be appreciated for many years. Honey wine is the white wine that ages like a red, so white wine drinkers can now command room in the most refined cellars and enjoy the depth and breadth of ever changing flavours over time.


21113 16 Avenue Langley, BC


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