October 24, 2022

In the past decade, craft breweries and distilleries have been a burgeoning industry, with a massive surge in the popularity of their products. Langley has been no exception – offering an incredible selection of local breweries! Langley’s abundant farms and orchards are the perfect sources of fresh local ingredients. Here’s a list of some local favourites you’re sure to love:

#102 – 4061 200 Street

Brookswood, the newest addition to our brewery scene was founded out of a love for craft beer, as well as a desire to create something unique in the Langley area. In order to achieve the highest quality craft beer possible, only the best ingredients are used, so you won’t find any artificial flavours or ingredients in their products. Each beer is preservative free and uses premium hops, malt, yeast, and fruit. These fantastic brews are truly a reflection of their pride and passion!

#110 – 19664 64 Avenue

As a community-based brewery and tasting room, Camp continues to successfully supply the need for better beer and quench the thirst of craft for their friends and neighbours. They strive to be inventive and collaborative with an ever-changing lineup of craft beverages. Whether you sit around the fire on their patio or grab a growler of their beer for an upcoming outing, they’re all about experiencing good times together!

#105 – 8860 201 Street

The longest-running brewery on our list, Dead Frog has been open since 2007! Their brewery in Walnut Grove features a large tasting room and kitchen that offers a wide variety of delicious eats, with many of their menu options including the use of their very own brews. You’ll find a wide assortment of fun and innovative beers with an unparalleled range of flavours – everything from their Warhead Blackberry Imperial Sour to their classic Pondside Pale Ale.

#1 – 6263 202 Street

A reference to Langley’s historic Five Corners intersection, their name reflects how the crossroads intersect and bring people together. Their brewery and 50-seat tasting room, with a natural outdoor patio, serves as their home base where their lineup of craft beers is created with pride and passion. Some of their tried and true favourites include Five Roads Pilsner, Shake N Bake Pale Ale, and Permanent Resident IPA.

25160 72 Avenue

As a “Field to Glass” brewery, it’s all about the people: the farmer, the brewer, and the master. It’s an unbroken chain of artisanal achievement, resulting in delicious thirst-quenching brews. Every step of the process is taken seriously, from planting the seed to enjoying the draft. At Locality, they not only grow their own hops and barley, but they also process them right on the farm, making them completely local from start to finish.

#140 – 9339 200A Street

Longtime rugby teammates founded Smugglers in 2017 with one thing in mind, Langley needed more beer! Specializing in classic styles for every occasion, their brews are crafted from the best ingredients they can get their hands on, making their beers always balanced, and never boring. Centred around community, their tasting room boasts a full kitchen and has become a place where you can drink, eat and share stories.

#107 – 20120 64 Avenue

At Trading Post their goal is to build strong communities by providing a warm and welcoming place for people to gather and share a brew. With three different locations – their brewery/tasting room in Central Langley, their rustic eatery in Fort Langley, and a large, 186-seat eatery in Abbotsford; there’s plenty of room to meet with friends. With a 60-seat tasting room that overlooks the brewery, you can watch the beer being crafted while sipping a pint. In addition to their beer taps, they also serve local cider, wine, craft soda, and kombucha … something for everyone to enjoy.

Many of the breweries offer incredible live music from local artists, so make sure to check out our Events Calendar each week for a list of upcoming artists, dates and times!

Today’s craft breweries abound with choices provide both fun and inventive flavours, combine that with an evening out with great eats and close friends and it’s guaranteed to be a hit! Learn more about these and other great gathering spots at Tourism Langley.