Williams Park

Williams Park is located at 68th Ave and 238 St in Langley. It’s a beautiful park featuring a great picnic shelter perfect for family BBQ’s, a playground, and a small network of trails. The Salmon River is the highlight of this park, which provides stunning, picturesque river and forest views. Below is a map of the park and its trail network. An oasis in the summertime, the tree canopy lets in just enough sunlight to provide some sparkling warmth, but keeps it cool enough to enjoy during mid-summer heat spells.


Williams Park is most well known for its Christmas displays which take place during two weeks in December. It’s a showcase of beautifully illuminated decorations that families can enjoy while driving or walking throughout the park.

Do you have memories of family BBQ’s, splashing your feet in the river, or fun times on the playground in Williams Park growing up? We would love to hear them – Comment below!

Williams ParkWilliamsPark

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