Tourism Langley is going to be hosting four live webinars where we’ll be sharing plans for the rest of 2020, how you can participate, and Langley-specific lessons for digital marketing during the Resilience phase of our province’s recovery from COVID-19.

In the next sections, we’ll share with you exactly what you can expect at each session, who will be leading you through the material, and how you can let us know to expect you there.

You are invited to a series of four 1-hour sessions, each designed for a specific opportunity or need that we’re all facing right now.

The workshops will be delivered via Zoom and will be fully interactive, meaning that we’ll have Q&A, chat and other opportunities to share ideas and questions.

Attendees will be given exercises that will guide them through the process of planning and implementing the sessions’ subject matter into their businesses. The goal of the exercises will be to create useful, tangible outcomes from each of the sessions that you will be able to implement right away.

Each workshop will also come with a summary document that includes the key points, links, and recommendations that we cover in the session.

Some sessions may also include supporting tools, frameworks or other resources that you’ll be encouraged to adapt and use in your business.



Conner Galway

You may recognize Conner as the social media and digital marketing facilitator from the recent Destination BC webinars.

He and his team at Junction Consulting have been working with Tourism Langley over the past few months to build this year’s strategy and they’ll be using this time to share with you the plans that have been together.

Junction is one of Canada’s most respected digital consulting firms, and they specialize in tourism strategy. They work to build digital from the inside out, meaning that they equip organizations to lead their own digital marketing efforts through strategy, training and consulting.




1. Tourism Langley’s Social Media Strategy

JUNE 23 – COMPLETED – Access the recording of the session below.

In this session, we’ll shared and discussed Tourism Langley’s social media strategy and how it will show up for the various businesses within Langley.  We reviewed the research that became the foundation of the strategy,  the big idea, and the creative concepts that you can expect to see from Tourism Langley in early July.

RECORDING of Tourism Langley’s Social Media Strategy


2.  Storytelling on Social

JULY 9 – 2:00 – 3:00PM

Attendees at this session will take the basic idea of social media content and take it to the next level, building in storytelling that will inspire followers to become guests, and guests to become advocates.

The lessons will be packed with real, local examples, case studies, and a framework for planning content that will make it simple to generate ideas and make them a reality.

RECORDING of Storytelling on Social


3. Content Distribution

JULY 14 – 2:00 – 3:00PM

Social media content can only be as effective as the people who are exposed to it, so in this session, we’ll share the various methods to gain distribution for your content.

We’ll cover organic, paid and influencer-based tactics that can be used together, or separately to gain reach, engagement and ultimately achieve business objectives.

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4. Recovery as a Community

JULY 16 – 2:00 – 3:00PM

The foundation of social media is community, and the Langley tourism industry is nothing if not an interwoven community of businesses and people with common goals and objectives.

In this session, you’ll learn some simple frameworks for planning collaborations, recruiting partners, and executing successful community-based ideas.

We’ll draw on lessons from Province-wide projects like The Ale Trail, and locally-focused projects in various communities across BC.

You’ll leave this session with some inspiration from past work, some ideas for ways to recover as a community, and perhaps a few new local friends.

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