March 13 - 26, 2023

Spring Break at Fort Langley National Historic Site

February 24, 2023

School might be out, but the learning doesn’t have to stop! Come visit Fort Langley National Historic Site during spring break to learn all about the local B’s – bats, bears, birds, bees, butterflies, beavers, and more.

Join them as they welcome a different community organization each day for two weeks to teach visitors about one of the local B’s and how to help take care of them.

While you’re there, participate in their planting station, take home a peat pot, and grow a plant to help your local pollinators!



March 13 - 26, 2023


10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada, Mavis Avenue, Langley Township, BC, Canada