June 15, 2024

My Cousin’s Wedding

May 7, 2024

They are back with a dance party for everyone! There’s something special that happens at a wedding…everyone enjoying the dance floor together – freedom and fun for everyone!

Tickets available now!

Bez directors, Sandy & Russ have always loved to dance, when asked why “My Cousin’s Wedding”? they said, “they typically don’t know where to go anymore to go dancing. More often than not, everyone only dance at family/friends’ weddings these days. They figured that people could use a fun community dance party, more like a wedding dance party – They’ve always loved how people of all ages dance at wedding without any sense of inhibition, so others might like the idea too!”

Door & Bar/Concession at 7pm
Free parking on weekends



June 15, 2024


7:00 pm to 10:30 pm


Bez Arts Hub, 64 Avenue, Langley, BC, Canada