June 22, 2023

Bez Open Mic

May 2, 2023

Russ Rosen hosts BEZ Open Mic where local creative souls and a supportive audience gather to share songs, stories and laughs. Russ has been a touring and recording artist for decades, he’s the curator and presenter of the Bez concert series, he teaches song creation and performance at Bez. He is also your cheerleader and host for Thursdays at BEZ Open Mic.

Have you got a secret talent that only your family sees/hears? It’s time to get out and show your greatness to the public!

Have you got new material that you need to try out in front of an audience? Bez is a safe encouraging place for you!

Do you love live music and supporting your local creative community? Never a dull moment at Open Mic Nights!

Sign up is at 7:15 and performances start at 7:30. Come as a performer or as an audience member.



June 22, 2023


7:15 pm to 10:00 pm


Bez Arts Hub, 64 Avenue, Langley, BC, Canada