July 25-August 3, 2019

2019 Siloam Theatre Festival

July 5, 2019

si-loh-uh m​ : meaning “ ​to send ​ ”. We believe that local artists and playwrights have a voice that warrants to be heard. And staged. The ​Siloam Theatre Festival ​ exists to familiarize the local talent with the culture of the local community theatre as well as provide an opportunity for local talent to be seen and “ ​scene ​ ” for the community to discover and enjoy. That’s right folks: these plays are written by playwrights who are local, presenting new and original works. You are their first audience. When? ​July 25th to August 3rd 2019 Two shows per evening​ : 6:30 pm & 8:30 pm All performances commence on time [​see schedule below] & take place at the Langley Playhouse ,4307 200 St, Langley. Tickets for individual performances are $15​ and are available online via ​Brown Paper Tickets ​ : https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4256560​ [​the theatre opens at 5:45pm on festival dates]

Rogue’s Quest a comedy by Darcy Knopp Performance Dates / Times​ : Monday July 29th​ – 8:30pm Wednesday July 31st​ – 6:30pm Thursday August 1st​ – 8:30pm Friday August 2nd​ – 6:30pm The hero goes on an adventure to save a magical princess. Along the way he encounters a mystical cave creature, a cranky bar wench, a rival Knight who talks funny, and a fellow adventurer who bears a resemblance to the girl that lives next door. It’s a story about looking for love in all the wrong places and finally finding it under your nose.

Brooklyn Memories a drama by Anthony Galway Performance Dates / Times​ : Friday July 26th​ – 8:30pm Sunday July 28th​ – 6:30pm Tuesday July 30th​ – 8:30pm Saturday August 3rd​ – 8:30pm Jimmy, an actor newly arrived in New York City, makes a chance encounter with playwright Kieran Barry and they immediately fall in live. Jimmy is faced with the decision to pursue the relationship while people on all sides attempt to destroy what they have. A story on love, acceptance and happiness.

According To Aurelie a new musical by Lauren Trotzuk Performance Dates / Times​ : Wednesday July 31st​ – 8:30pm Thursday August 1st​ – 6:30pm Friday August 2nd​ – 8:30pm Saturday August 3rd​ – 6:30pm Aspiring novelist and endearing optimist, Aurelie, has faced disappointment before. But after another rejection, a drastic shift in her love life, and the sudden appearance of an old rival, her resolve is tested like never before. According to Aurelie is a musical comedy that explores the many twists and turns we take while trying to do what is right and discover who we are meant to be.

Letters to Myself a dramatic comedy by Ryan Scramstad Performance Dates / Times​ : Thursday July 25th​ – 8:30pm Friday July 26th​ – 6:30pm Saturday July 27th​ – 8:30pm Tuesday July 30th​ – 6:30pm A comedic coming of age story of what we do when the voices in our head start arguing with each other. What happens when a conservative upbringing confronts a liberal arts career?

Bonus Show Bitter Girl a dramatic comedy by Annabel Fitzimmons, Alison Lawrence, and Mary Francis Moore Performance Dates / Times​ : Thursday July 25th​ – 6:30pm Saturday July 27th​ – 6:30pm Sunday July 28th​ – 8:30pm Monday July 29th​ – 6:30pm The plot circulates around four women in different stages of break-ups from various types of relationships and their different styles of coping mechanisms.



July 25-August 3, 2019




4307 200 Street, Langley, BC, Canada