Water Shed Arts Cafe

Our Vision is ‘to set the table for humanity where everyone is loved, welcomed, nourished and celebrated.’

Our table is large and we strive to be a home where every ethnicity, age, gender, faith or social status is welcome. Our hope is that in our differences we would mingle, learn, grow and celebrate one another, and through this convergence of lives, benefit the local community of Langley and world at large.


#11-20349 88th Avenue, Langley, BC, V1M 2K5


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Monday: 6:30am-5pm

Tuesday: 6:30am-5pm

Wednesday: 6:30am-5pm

Thursday: 6:30am-5pm

Friday: 6:30am-5pm



Live Music in Langley

We’ve sourced out the best places in the Township of Langley to hear live music! Support your local musicians and have some food, drinks, and a good time! Dead Frog Brewery – Live music every Sunday from 2:30pm-6pm Mangia e Scappa – Listen to RazzMaJazz perform traditional jazz creole, dixieland, and blues style music every […]

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Cozy Coffee Spots in Langley

We are lucky in Langley to have some great cozy café’s. I have put together a list of cafes from all around Langley that will make you want to explore for yourself! Sit inside and watch the rain, or enjoy the sunny patios with a friend! Water Shed Arts Café Water Shed Arts Café is […]

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5 Things to Do in North Langley

Nestled between Highway 1 and the banks of the mighty Fraser River lies North Langley in all of its beauty. This serene, yet bustling, modern, yet historic setting provides some amazing contrast in its multiple communities. With that being said, the things to do in this area prove to be just as diverse as the […]

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Breakfast Spots in Your Backyard

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here in Langley, between the cafes and restaurants, you have no excuse to not enjoy a good breakfast. From pastries and coffee to full breakfast and pancakes, there is no reason to skip the most important meal of the day.  Hilltop Diner The Hilltop Diner is […]

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