Chuckling Duckling Farm

Chuckling Duckling brings you a line of bath, body and home products to delight and soothe your skin and enrich your senses all while respecting the planet. They love using rich butters, essential oils and quality ingredients to produce luxurious items for the whole body. From body & face lotions, massage bars, bath bombs and soaps to natural laundry soap and all purpose cleaners. They only use all natural ingredients, growing what they can, buying locally when possible to support local farmers & producers.

Chuckling Duckling is the only FULL REFILLERY in Langley for zerowaste shoppers looking to refill natural home and personal care products. Bring in glass jars, use your own containers or purchase theirs to refill from their bulk bar, saving those bottles from going in a landfill!

The Chuckling Duckling Farm also hosts workshops on how to make your own products, and hosts paint nights and private parties!