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Spotlight: BC Buzz Honey Hut


March 26, 2019

I don’t know why I find the honour stand system so enthralling. Perhaps it’s merely a reflection of the way our world currently is that I find myself stunned and asking in wonder, “you mean there isn’t anyone there?” If you haven’t noticed these stands before now, I guarantee that you will start seeing them everywhere. From eggs to flowers, Langley is full of these self-service stands.

These stands are a fairly common phenomenon here in Langley, but the BC Buzz Honey Corporation has brought the next level of honour-system sales to Langley. After being so well-received at local farmer’s markets, BC Buzz set up the most adorable self-serve stand you ever did see. It’s cartoony, it’s unexpected, and it’s quite simply genius!

The stand is conveniently located on 248th Street (the Historic Otter Trail), just north of Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery. They’ve had success with their stand and most people have been incredibly honest and trustworthy. Due to some spoil-sport thieves early-on, they moved the stand off the road onto their property a bit and have set up a monitored security camera for added security. However, the concept is still the same. Bring your cash and exchange it for delicious local honey. With the move off the street and onto their property came a number of add-ons: a little fence, a little walkway and a mailbox for the hut. You can even see their hives abuzz in the background.

If you’re there, you’re going to want to snap a photo of this adorable hut or, even better, take a selfie and share it with us and BC Buzz via social media. Enough about the honey hut (even though I think it’s just plain cool), what about the honey? Sweet, sticky, entirely delicious. The honey is named after the types of flowers that the bees get their nectar from which depends on where they choose to place their hives (in a field of blueberries, a field of blackberries, etc.). This creates subtle but distinctly different flavours.

Lastly, what about the people behind the hut? If you’re ever fortunate enough to meet Chris Davies and Kris Friesen you’ll only find yourself more compelled to support these local entrepreneurs in their quest to provide Langley with local honey. They’re genuinely lovely people who can answer any and every bee related question you could throw at them – I know from experience, I asked them a ton of questions!

So don’t forget to stop by BC Buzz and pick up a jar (or more) of their local sweet stuff! The stand is open on weekends. Check their website for seasonal changes!

Images courtesy of BC Buzz Honey.