Langley Shining Star

As announced at our 2014 Tourism Langley AGM, We are excited to add a new award as part of our annual program to recognize Tourism Champions in Langley. The new award will recognize a “Langley Shining Star” and it joins our established awards of Tourism Langley Lifetime Excellence, as well as Event of the Year.

The criteria for this award is to recognize a local Tourism Industry front line employee who has performed above and beyond each year when servicing guests to our many restaurants, hotels and attractions as well as showing an overall positive zest for customer service and being a proud champion of Langley.

This can be measured through either a special experience created for a visiting guest or through providing consistent positive service throughout the year.

This is where we need your support to help us recognize these great tourism champions and their stories. Maybe someone provided such service to you today, or the last time you were in Langley?

If you can, please try and find out the following information of this shining star, and email it to us  at

  • Employee Name
  • Position
  • Company
  • Reason for selection

We will then be collecting all of the nominations and announcing our winner at our next AGM in the Spring!

Thank you for helping us recognize the many great individuals that help make visitors enjoy their experiences in Langley

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Did You Know?

Much of Langley enjoys views of two distinct mountain ranges, the Coast Ranges and the Cascades.

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