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Trading Post: a small establishment in which people gather where local goods are traded and stories from the trail can be shared.

Throughout history, breweries have been a fundamental part of the communities they serve. Langley’s newest craft brewery, Trading Post Brewing is no different. This modern day craft brewery is here to serve the community through their passion to create great beer. Their motto, “Tap into the Local” is the foundation of how Trading Post Brewing conducts their business. Everything they do is geared to draw from, and give back, to the very community where they live and work – Langley.


The Brewery & Tasting Room located on 64th ave in Langley, is scheduled to open in early 2016. It features a tasting bar, growler tap, charcuterie pairings, a second level loft lounge with views of the all the brewing action, and guest taps featuring beers from other craft breweries. The Fort Langley Taphouse & Eatery is located on the corner of 96th Ave and Glover Rd, where the atmosphere is sure to be just as amazing with a delicious local food selection, board games to enjoy, and of course a lineup of Trading Post brews on tap.

Fort Langley is the birthplace of British Columbia and the birthplace of Trading Post Brewing. As residents of Fort Langley, Lance, Trading Post founder and general manager, and his wife Marissa, look forward to serving their community and sharing their passion for great beer. It is over a glass of that very creation where friendships deepen, community unites and stories from the trail can be shared.


The Inspiration

Inspired by all of the great breweries that have come before them, and all the great brewers that have mastered their craft, Trading Post beers embody the spirit of the past while embracing the essence of modern day craft. Brewed with the philosophy that anything is possible, all of their beers are designed to be cherished by connoisseurs and enjoyed by all. Brave, wild and steadfast in respect to tradition, they brew with an unrestrained thirst for creativity and innovation. As lovers of craft beer, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The Beer

beerBrewing everything from traditional English-style ales, American IPA’s and stouts, to contemporary sour and barrel-aged beers, you’ll be sure to find a favourite at Trading Post. Their taste is as adventurous as the explorers who first settled here. Crafting small-batch beers that honour tradition, the skillful Brewmaster pioneers fresh, inventive flavours inspired by Langley’s unique heritage. The very best ingredients shape each batch of this authentic, honest and super tasty craft beer.

The Food

According to John Mitchell, Grandfather of the modern day craft beer movement, beer should be enjoyed with food. At Trading Post Brewing, that very concept is the foundation of their business. A truly wonderful aspect of craft beer is the balance of innovation and tradition. The craft beer revolution has exposed consumers to many styles of beer which most have never even heard of. Classic beer styles, and modern innovations, have flavor profiles with distinct characteristics, which naturally lead to the question: What am I going to eat with this beer?

At Trading Post Brewing, the food and beer pairing philosophy is simple; beer pairs with any food and food pairs with any beer. Pairing beer and food, however, so that both enhance each other, requires attention to the dominant taste and flavor elements in each. When approaching pairing, success is often found by identifying the characteristics (taste elements, flavors, intensity and sensations) of the craft beer you pair with. When beer is paired with the right food, it is a match made in heaven.

The chef’s at the Fort Langley Taphouse & Eatery location will collaborate with the brewers on a regular basis to create delicious food that pairs perfectly with all of their hand-crafted beers. Guided by their desire to “Tap into the Local”, Trading Post sources seasonal ingredients from local farmers, foragers, cheese makers, and other artisan suppliers and purveyors. With items such as Stout Braised Lamb, Ale & Onion Soup and Beer Braised Pulled Pork Fritters, the rotating selection of beer and food is an adventure for the palette.

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Here’s a sneak peak at the mezzanine of the brewery in Langley — Trading Post Brewing (@tradingpostbrew) Dec 7, 2015

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