Tis’ the Season to shop Local in Langley, BC

It has often been brought to my attention that aside from the things I’m expected to know, there is one more thing I know for sure and that is the art and passion of shopping! I attribute it to my younger years and the cherished times when I could spend one on one time with my Mom. There is no question; it is my favorite pastime today, especially during the winter months when the weather has cooled and the gardens have prepared for its long rest. Throw a special occasion, celebration or Christmas into the equation and you’ll see just how quickly I can map out a shopping route throughout Langley. Shopping has always somehow enabled me to find a new focus and uplift my mood. They say what we can’t solve in real life, we solve it through retail therapy.

The golden rule is to go local! Think local, support local and shop local whenever possible; there really is something for everyone here and the abundant retail opportunities have become an integral part of our reputation and distinctive character. Our communities are made up of exceptional neighbourhoods that showcase one-of-a-kind businesses to big box stores and seasonal markets that offer everything that is proudly locally made or locally sourced – oh yes, and the parking is free!

Fort Langley

Fort Langley

Some of the most unique shops can be found in Fort Langley and Downtown Langley. It is here where the shops are complimented by cafes and restaurants, welcomed rest stops to refuel and rethink that shopping list. I’ve also found some of the most amazing things browsing for goods in Aldergrove, the 248th Trail, Brookswood and Walnut Grove. And when the weather prevails, Willowbrook Mall and big box shopping store locations are included in my endless reasons to look, wish for, touch, try on and buy!

Retailers are reminding us daily that we are on the count down to the busiest shopping days of the year and with everything from hats to mats on sale, it’s hard to decide just where to begin. A certain color, a certain style or something to tuck away for the unexpected. Many local stores also offer online shopping options and starting next week, check your favorite locations for extended hours. There is nothing more fun than being rewarded for your shopping. Look for merchant coupons and giveaways and make sure to participate in contests such as

Downtown Langley

As I write this on the eve of a successful shopping weekend, I find I am already planning ahead for the next retail adventure. I know it’s going to include a book store and local craft fair or two. No. I am not a shopaholic, I’m just helping the local economy. To quote one of my favorite lines, “I could probably give up shopping – but I’m not a quitter”!


Langley Tourism images of Langley City and Murrayville

Downtown Langley

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