The Langley Project – Part 4

We are very fortunate that Langley is home to numerous unique and local businesses. You can take a walk through downtown Langley, Fort Langley and pretty much every other community and find great local entrepreneurs. One of Langley’s most recent additions is All of Oils. All of Oils is a new store located on Douglas Crescent in Langley City. They are a specialty store that stocks high quality premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I decided to stop in on my way home one day to see what they were all about. The store front is absolutely beautiful. Inside, they have an entire wall of different vinegars and another wall of olive oils. They carry an extremely broad array of flavours, all available to be sampled prior to purchase. My first thought when they asked if I wanted to sample olive oil and vinegar by the spoonful was “yuck”. However, this is nothing like drinking the olive oil I buy from the grocery store so that my food doesn’t stick in the pan. These are very smooth, high-quality vinegars and oils that have truly unique and absolutely delicious flavours. After the first taste my reservations were gone.


The staff is both incredibly friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. Their selection is huge and it was very hard for me to know where to even start. I didn’t go in searching for any particular item, or for any particular purpose. If, like me, you have no idea which oil to pair with which vinegar, their staff are at the ready to tell you what works best, to give you a blended sample on the spot, or to freshly bottle the vinegar or oil of your choice for purchase. Not sure what to use oil or vinegar for? Each product is labelled with suggestions. Use their impressive selection for your next marinade, homemade salad dressing, in your next dessert, or make a homemade sparkling beverage by pairing a hint of one of their fruitier balsamic vinegars with some tonic water. I walked away with a bottle of the Cranberry and Pear White Balsamic and a bottle of their Herbes de Province Olive Oil. When I got home I mixed these together to create a delicious marinade for my homemade chicken kabobs. I let them marinade for a couple of hours and it created a super flavourful result that I would recreate in a heartbeat.

10373817_10154272286420092_184777460459024729_nLangley is also home to a number of great local restaurants. One of the newest additions in this category is Match Public House and Eatery located in the City of Langley and attached to the Cascades Casino Resort. It’s a very modern and open feeling restaurant with a great patio for a hot day. The inside is designed so that the blockade into the Casino is only semi-solid so you can see all of the flashy slot machines and other casino games. As someone who has never set foot in a casino, I thought it was cool to get to see in and watch the various people enjoying all the Casino has to offer. The food is also very good. We started our meal with the spinach and artichoke dip. I had a thin crusted chicken pizza while my husband enjoyed a chicken burger. The pizzas were on special on the Sunday for $10 each. It was more pizza than I needed for one meal which meant I had leftovers for the next day’s lunch (always a bonus for me).10357129_10154272286640092_7732029447295830948_n

On Saturday, July 26, a friend and I decided to take in Julius Caesar put on by Bard in the Valley at the Spirit Square in Douglas Park. Bard in the Valley is a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing Shakespeare to the general public. Admission to the show at Douglas Park is free (donations are of course accepted) and they offer a nice little snack concession with proceeds going back to the organization. As a real advocate of the arts, and in particular theatre, I believe that this volunteer-driven organization is a real asset to the Langley community and that we are so fortunate to have this annual event in its fifth year.

10584733_1479467342294846_380414041_nAs an outdoor performance an added bonus is getting to spend a beautiful summer evening outside. It’s the perfect time to pack up a few blankets for when the sun goes down, bring your most comfortable lawn chair, pack a picnic and spend time with your family, with friends, or just with your community. I enjoyed the performances from all of the talented actors, the artistic make-up interpretation, and the inclusion of contemporary rock music. As an added bonus the programs included a brief description of each Act/Scene to clarify the story (for anyone who finds Shakespeare notoriously confusing).

If you missed Bard in the Valley this year keep an eye open for next year’s performance. It will be listed on our events page and also on the Bard in the Valley website.

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