The Langley Project – Part 2

After the whirlwind adventure on day 1 of the Langley Project, I decided to slow it down for round two. I visited two local favorites: one I’d been to before, and one I hadn’t ever visited.

On Wednesday I kidnapped the same friend from round one and headed out. I want to specifically thank Donna for suggesting I visit Krause Berry Farms after my first “Langley Project” blog post! This has definitely been a popular suggestion from many of the people that I have talked to. Specifically, I’d been told that I need to have a Krause waffle. I’d been to Krause before, but never for a waffle. krausesignSo, my sidekick (I’m sure she’ll LOVE being referred to as my sidekick) and I cruised over to Krause Berry Farms. Even though the strawberry fields were not open yet to pick, there was still so much to see. When we entered the market we were immediately treated to a sample of their delicious berry donuts. From popcorn to frozen berries, teapots and soups, there is a little bit of everything to see at Krause. After we had spent some time browsing, (and you could really spend a lot of time browsing), we went to fulfill my true purpose in visiting Krause on this particular day.

waffle2I diligently bought us each a blueberry waffle and we sat down to attack them. They were very large waffles with an absolute mountain of blueberries and a huge portion of whipped cream. My opinion? Absolutely delicious! The waffle melts in your mouth and the berries and cream are sweet without being too sweet. I accompanied it with a cup of their coffee that created a really great balance to the sweetness of the waffle.

After we finished devouring the waffles we moved over to the new(ish) winery. The winery was an addition to Krause Berry Farms last year. It’s done up in a “western” theme. You can saddle up to the bar (literally, there are saddles to sit rhubarbwineon) and treat yourself to one of their delicious wines. I would recommend trying their sparkling strawberry wine, and their award winning rhubarb wine – that’s right rhubarb! While I’ve had strawberry-rhubarb wine on a number of occasions, this was my first time trying the purely rhubarb wine. Now, I’m certainly no wine connoisseur, but I really enjoyed how refreshing it was. It’s definitely a unique flavour and is worth tasting if for no other reason than to be able to see the look on people’s faces when you tell them you had rhubarb wine this week!

Friday: After what seemed like looping around Fort Langley several hundred times, I found a parking spot and got out of my car, famished and in search of lunch on my break. I remembered that I had heard great things about Lelәm´ Arts & Cultural Cafe. Lelәm´ is a fantastic café sitting on the river in Fort Langley that is wholly owned by Kwantlen First Nation. “Lelәm´” means “house” or “a place to gather”, and with the delicious food and the beautiful location, it is definitely the place I’d like to gather at more often. As an added bonus, I noticed, (too late to take advantage of it), that there is parking around the café.

LelemThe location is spectacular, and the café is decorated beautifully. The patio was an absolutely gorgeous place to eat on a hot and sunny day. The staff were both friendly and helpful. I chose to have both the soup and sandwich specials of the day: a Portobello mushroom Panini, and chilli. A word of caution: it was a LOT of food. I was full after the Panini and ended up saving all of the chili for lunch the next day. However, both the chili and Panini tasted fresh and (here goes my attempt at sounding like a “foodie”) had very dynamic flavour profiles. I would highly recommend both.

The location is so attractive that I would love to go back and grab a coffee with a friend and just hang out there. Lelәm´ definitely lives up to its name as a place to gather – I would (and will) gather here on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a change from your regular chain café, then I would definitely consider visiting Lelәm´!

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be continuing on with my “Langley Project” for the duration of the summer. I want to thank those of you who commented on my first post with suggestions of places to go! I would like to assure you that they are on my list of places to visit – keep your eyes open for future blog posts featuring your suggestions.

If you have a favourite spot that you think I should visit, please suggest them in the comments section below. I will be sure to check out all of your suggestions as I continue to explore!

Yours truly,


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