The Langley Project – Birthday Edition

Round three of the Langley Project took place on my birthday. Since it was my birthday I decided that gave me license to make all of my stops consist of decadent culinary samplings (here’s hoping that my personal trainer isn’t reading this). In the late afternoon I found myself at the lovely Milsean Shoppe in Aldergrove. 397938_318158168220296_2017260846_nMilsean is a lovely shop filled with many local and artisan products. There is a lot to look at and I enjoyed browsing the shop. They are best known for their famous (and delicious) Milsean Demerara Butter Crunch, but the deliciousness doesn’t stop there. They stock 75 gourmet teas and specialty drinks, excellent food, and decadent desserts. I treated myself to a decadent blended espresso drink, complete with chocolate, whipped cream and their famous Butter Crunch on top.

My husband asked me a few weeks ago where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner and, at my request, he diligently made a reservation at The Fat Cow and Oyster Bar in Walnut Grove. I had high hopes heading into this dinner. I had hyped this restaurant up in my mind for quite a while. I mean, it’s locally owned and it’s got a really fantastic name. I was keen on finding a lesser-known local gem that I could claim as “my place”. There were two other reasons that I was super excited to visit The Fat Cow: first, they advertise live music on Fridays and Saturdays, second, they currently offer a 10% discount every day except on their Philanthropy Thursdays with the Look at Langley card.drink

I’m going to digress for a moment. If you have a Look at Langley card then go ahead and skip this whole paragraph. If you just read that last paragraph and thought to yourself “what on earth is a Look at Langley card?” then you should probably be heading to the Visitor’s Centre to get one. The Look at Langley card is a FREE card that gets you DEALS and DISCOUNTS at many local partners. If you live in Langley, or you come to Langley often, you should probably have one. Are you thinking “sure, but what’s the catch, where’s the fee, when are you going to start selling me something?” Let me put your mind at ease: there is no catch. It’s a free card with the option to receive our email that updates you weekly with our blog posts, local events and of course the latest Look at Langley deals.

Anyway, back to The Fat Cow. Like I said, I was very excited, with high expectations. When you get there don’t let the strip-mall exterior fool you. It is a really cool little place with a fantastic atmosphere. We started out with a pound of mussels and clams in a delicious garlicky sauce and we added some bread to dip. For the main course my husband had the duck confit sandwich and I had the chicken and waffles. The Fat Cow has local artists that perform on Friday and Saturday nights, and this was no exception. The musician added to the already fantastic ambience. It is a really great place to kick back, chat, and spend your evening experiencing great food, great atmosphere, and if you’re lucky great music. Another cool feature at the Fat Cow is Philanthropy Thursday. Every Thursday 10% of sales go back to a local charity or organization. The Fat Cow is a fantastic addition to our community.1660974_604179583008834_479798027_n

Post-dinner, we cruised over to my old faithful: Frostings Cupcakery. Frostings provided the cupcakes for our wedding and ever since then I’ve been a devoted customer. We each got a cupcake and, after flashing the Look at Langley card, took advantage of the current deal: Buy One, Get One FREE. Frostings just celebrated its 5th year in Langley. Their large café is a great place to get a coffee, latte, or other speciality drink, along with your cupcake. If you’re looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, they now do High Tea by reservation, $16.95 per adult and $9.95 per child.

As per usual, I encourage you to comment below with all of your favourite Langley spots so that I can be sure to visit them all this summer. Thank you to everyone who has commented so far, please keep an eye out for a future post featuring your suggestion!

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