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Did you know that Olive Oil is high in anti-oxidants and is an anti-inflammatory too? Sarah, our Visitor Experiences Specialist, stopped in to get the All of Oils experience. Located in the heart of the City of Langley, lies All of Oils, they are a wholesome olive oil and balsamic vinegars retailer!


I met with Co-Owner Glenn, to see what All of Oils is all about! You walk into this beautiful store with a stunning chandelier and you don’t realise that it’s a shop that sells olive oil and balsamic vinegars! Lining the walls are famous paintings from Van Gogh, which features Olive groves from Saint-Remy-de-Provence. I walked in and was blown away by all the different oils and flavours you could try. The Langley location is a year and a half old and is in a network of 325 stores. Glenn and his wife started the franchise when they received these oils as a wedding present. The Langley location, is their second store for them, the first being in South Surrey!


All of Oils, keeps the oils the freshest they can be by switching them out every 6 months. They also switch hemispheres from the Southern to Northern too every 6 months. Which means you are getting great quality oils for your needs! Try some for yourself or get the staff to recommend pairings for your meals. You can try sweet or savoury oils and black or white balsamic vinegars. The combinations are endless! Glenn, paired me with a wonderful salad dressing, Garlic Olive Oil and Neapolitan Herb Black Balsamic. It surprised me how just with the two of them combined, provided tons of flavours for my pallet. It was a perfect dressing for salad! I have also used the Garlic Olive Oil for roasting vegetables for dinner. All of oils, also have these wonderful tasting spoons, which are the collectible spoons you get from souvenir shops! I tried the Maple Syrup Black Balsamic and I was blown away by the actual authentic flavouring of the sweet syrup with a little bit of savoury balsamic too.


The Langley store offers gift sets for the holidays which are based on popular choices within the store. Some of the proceeds from the gift sets goes to supporting the Langley Hospice. Check their website or Facebook page as they offer cooking classes and tasting parties throughout the year. Every Saturday, they offer popcorn with Butter flavoured olive oil and White truffle salt! If you have a sweet tooth like myself, make sure to check out their chocolate range. All of Oils offers a skin care range, choose from Argan Oil and a whole range of different soaps, from shaving soaps to body soaps.


It is well worth the trip to check out these great products! Don’t forget to sample them and get the whole All of Oils experience!


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