Recommendations for how to spend an autumn day in Langley, British Columbia

September 23rd is the fall equinox. I await this day with anticipation every year. It’s the day that I can begin enjoying all things autumn-related, without being judged by my friends. “The PSL comes out way too early”, “It’s not pumpkin season yet”, “Boot weather isn’t for another month”, “Why don’t you wait until Thanksgiving to make pie” are some of the comments they make. For a reason that I cannot fathom, they just don’t understand fall like I do.


Fall means crisp mornings, hot cider, orange speckled fields, homemade apple pie, fuzzy scarves and crackling fireplaces. Just thinking about these things makes me smile. If you are like me, and enjoy the festivities that come with this seasonal equinox, then let me share with you my countdown! In anticipation of this special date, I’ve decided to put together a list of my recommendations for the best way to spend an autumn day in Langley.

To start the day off right, breakfast is as important as always. I would suggest visiting a local café such as Tracycakes Bakery Café in Murrayville for maple bacon crepes. Crepes are one of my most favourite dishes for any meal, especially so after a trip to Paris I took earlier this year. I can’t quite make them like the French do, but Tracycakes sure can!


Next on my list of autumn things to do in Langley is throw on a scarf and take a stroll through Fort Langley. I love antiquing and this adorably quaint village is chalk full of antique stores to browse through, not to mention the many other unique local shops that will easily empty my wallet. You just might find a beautiful new pair of warm mittens, a vintage candle holder that will look great on your mantle, or a bundle of pussy-willows sold by a kind lady in front of the picture-perfect community hall.


After all that wandering, browsing and shopping, I know I would be famished. If you are too, then grabbing a bite to eat would be a great idea. Something small but tasty, and quick but relaxing is in order. One of the many great options in Fort Langley is Blacksmith Bakery. Located on the historic Reid Block, this charming café features delectable treats and hot steamy drinks of all kinds. Grab a pain au chocolate or a cinnamon meringue to keep with the Parisian theme and accompany it with your favourite coffee beverage.


Photo Credit: Barbara Matson @markovadesign on Instagram.

It’s never too early to pick a pumpkin in my opinion. Yes… if you carve it too early, well that’s not a good idea. Trust me. But decorating your front stoop or patio with an array of different sized pumpkins makes for a gorgeous display that, again if you’re like me, will keep you smiling all season long. The Aldor Acres Pumpkin Patch is open now until Halloween, and is a great spot to scour the fields for the perfect or not so perfect pumpkin that you’re looking for. Definitely wear some rubber boots here as the fields are often a bit mucky. But let’s be honest, that’s definitely part of the fun.


Next up…well getting some farm fresh food for the evening’s dinner of course! Head down the Historic Otter 248th Trail for some JD Farms specialty turkey lasagna to cook up for your family (or your anti-autumn friends if you feel so inclined). Also along this historic street is Krause Berry Farms & Winery, where you can grab one of their yummy pies. Apple, strawberry rhubarb and bumbleberry are my top choices.


Photo Credit: Shannon Molnar @allybethdesignco on Instagram.

Once home you can set up your new pumpkin display, put dinner in the oven, wrap up in a blanket by the fireplace and enjoy your new Fort Langley finds!

This is obviously just one of the many itineraries that you could create, but it’s one of my favourites. I’d love to know – Where would you spend a beautiful autumn day in Langley?


“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”
― Lauren DeStefano, Wither


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