How to spend a summer day in Langley, BC

Ahhh, summer…Whether it’s your favourite season or not, you can’t deny that this time of year brings a kind of contentment to our lives that no other can. The warm sunshine on your shoulders, the smell of campfires and barbecues in the air, the feel of sand between your toes, or grass under the picnic blanket…whatever adventures you get up to this summer, take it all in. Appreciate this time of year, when the days are longer and simple things are the most enjoyable.

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If you’re looking to spend some quality summertime in Langley this year, we have some ideas for how to fully enjoy our little slice of heaven.

Speaking of heaven. If you haven’t dropped by the quaint historical homestead of the Smith family in the summer, then you’ll have missed out on experiencing a taste of pure happiness. Located in Langley’s Milner Valley, Milner Valley Cheese produces exquisite farmstead goat and artisanal cheeses of various kinds. But a stop by the farmstead during the summer months provides the opportunity to taste their locally made goat milk gelato. Flavours often include mango, raspberry, lemon and coffee, and the delicate deliciousness of this frozen treat pairs perfectly with the delightful farm ambience perfected by the bleating of the goats, and the curious eye of Milner, the resident donkey.

If you ask local residents what comes to mind when thinking of summertime in Langley, most often the response you’ll receive is – berries! Berry farms are bursting with ripe, luscious, colourful fruit just begging to be devoured this time of year, and in Langley, it’s not summer until you’ve personally picked the first crop of raspberries or blueberries directly from a local grower. Two local farms offer u-pick opportunities in addition to markets where you’ll find an incredible array of food and gift products, including Driediger Farms Market, and Krause Berry Farms. Freshly picked berries are also available at local farmer’s markets and grocers.

In addition to being dubbed the ‘Birthplace of BC’, Langley is also well known as being the ‘Horse Capital of British Columbia’. With a record number of horses residing in the communities, and world-class equestrian facilities such as Thunderbird Show Park, it is no wonder that locals boast this claim proudly. In order to fully immerse yourself in what it means to be part of this community, you must get accustomed to the smell of a horse paddock, and the aching of your derriere after a long horseback ride. These smells and pains are an everyday part of the equestrian world and are actually quite enjoyable. Book an hour or two trail ride with a local company such as Back in the Saddle Again, Glen Valley Stables, or Langley 204 and you’ll see what we mean.

The trail ride will take you through some of south Langley’s most beautiful locales. Winding through Campbell Valley Regional Park on horseback, through meadows, over streams, around ponds and through dense forest is an experience entirely different than what a simple walk through the park can provide. Connect with the fellow mammal who graciously allows you to have a VIP seat on one of the most magical methods of transportation one can enjoy. Go back to a simpler time when the Fraser Valley’s first cowboys set up residences in this rural countryside. Many remnants of these historical buildings can still be seen today.

Whether you decide to pack all of these experiences into one incredible day or weekend, or spread them out to enjoy throughout the summer (PS – growing order of berry crops: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries 😉 ), we’re confident you’ll leave with a true understanding of what it means to completely enjoy the summertime.


This Summer, put your phone away for a few days. Make some memories that no one knows about. Make some memories that are just yours.

– Christina

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