Pokemon Go in Langley, B.C.

Oh yes, the Pokemon Go craze is here. For those who have been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks this is Niantic’s new mobile phone game which is based off the popular card and video game series Pokemon. In the game, users follow a virtual map on their phone that tracks their location live via their phone’s GPS. As the player walks, they encounter virtual creatures which they can capture, collect, and battle.

So why are we interested? There are virtual waypoints in the game called Pokestops. If you walk to these places in real life you can gain in game rewards that will push you further along your journey. There are also places called gyms that are also real life locations where you can battle against other Pokemon to be named Gym Champion of that particular place. So we at Tourism Langley like it because it gets people out and exploring the great communities of Langley! As I played this weekend I noticed that there were not too many Pokestops around where I lived so I decided to drive around Langley this week and see where I could find clusters of Pokestops and gyms. We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some high active Pokestop areas so you can go explore them for yourself. Obviously as the game grows more Pokestops will be added but as of right now here are some hot areas to play Pokemon Go in Langley!

North of Highway 1 Langley

We’ll start next to our visitor centre where there are 3 gyms located in the Cineplex parking lot area as well as a Pokestop. Also, nearby Dorthy Peacock Park has around 6 Pokestops at its entrances and around the park.colossus

Walnut Grove

Much of the action in Walnut grove occurs down by Walnut Grove Secondary School and neighbouring Walnut Grove Community Park. There are Pokestops at the park entrance, the water park, and the community garden; as well as a gym inside the park.


Fort Langley

Fort Langley has to be one of the hottest Pokemon go areas in Langley. From the intersection at 88th and Glover all the way to the Fraser River, Fort Langley is teeming with Pokestops and gyms. Among the most popular Pokestops are the Fort Langley Community Hall, Fort Langley National Historic Site(which has 3), the Langley Centennial Museum, The BC Farm Museum, and the Fort to Fort Trail(which has Pokestops all along). So why not plan a day out of Fort Langley and go catch some Pokemon while you’re at it?Ft Lang

Greater Vancouver Zoo

This ones pretty cool. The zoo out on 264th ave has upwards of 15 Pokestops. Yes you can catch Pokemon at the zoo! There is the one at the parking lot entrance and then Pokestops throughout the zoo near most animal enclosures. Start at the ringtail lemur enclosure and continue from there to find Pokestops all along the way. There is a Greater Vancouver Zoo gym to be conquered also. So go catch Pokemon at the Zoo! Entrance fee information can be found on their website. Zoo

Downtown Aldergrove

Much to my surprise Aldergrove actually had quite a few Pokestops. The funniest thing I saw while searching was that the orange tractor in front of Bob’s Bar and Grill  which had been turned into a much contested Pokemon gym. Other Pokestops in the area include the Aldergrove Academy of Dance, the community arena, the post office, and the Downtown Aldergrove Art Sculpture.Aldy


Murrayville’s Pokestops are a bit more spread out but still worthwhile nonetheless. The Murrayville Outdoor Activity Park and surrounding area boast many Pokestops including one inside the park, one at WC Blair Pool, and a gym/ Pokestop duo at the Township of Langley time capsule. If you walk a few blocks southeast or southwest you will come to both the James Hill and Denny Ross parks that have a few Pokestops as well.Murrayville


The tall trees of Brookswood are perfect for hunting Pokemon in the shade on hot summer days. The Brookswood Village along 200th street has a few Pokestops to be aware of. There is one near the library, one Pokestop for each of the three murals in the village, and a gym inside Brookswood Park as well. The new home of the Langley Rivermen, George Preston Rec Centre is a Pokestop too, just don’t walk too far into the construction zone!Swood

Downtown Langley

Downtown Langley was another one of those places that was just hopping with Pokestops and gyms! For one thing, it seems like all the sunflower electrical boxes throughout the city have been turned into Pokestops which is pretty cool. On the one way McBurney plaza, the Langley City Map, and the Ten Thousand Villages shop are just a few of the many Pokestops along the street. Cascades Casino also has a gym and Pokestops at its water fountains and of course the Langley City Hall/ Library/ Timms Centre have Pokestops as well. You will not be bored if you’re hunting for Pokemon in Downtown Langley!Down Lang

Langley Events Centre

Wrapping up our list is the Langley Events Centre. The new home of the Vancouver Giants hosts three Pokestops and a gym as of right now. There is a Pokestop at both the East and West entrances of the adjacent Willoughby Community park and a Pokestop at the spray park as well. LEC itself is the gym so go there to be the LEC gym champion.LEC


Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of hot Pokemon areas in Langley so if you find any other interesting areas feel free to comment with them below. Also, when you’re playing the game take a moment to pause and appreciate the beautiful areas around you. Langley has so much to offer and it would be a shame to miss it because you’re staring at your phone screen.

Be safe when you’re out there catching pokemon and have a great week!

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