It’s SUPERBOWL Weekend!!!!


Yes, there are 2 events that warm the heart and cause us to indulge in beverages, food and the company of those we love. The one involving chocolates, sparkling wine and roses will be featured next week. This week we are talking about Football and the Superbowl!

The Superbowl is always a unique event because it can be equally celebrated out with friends at one of your favourite establishments which put on a fun atmosphere for the big game, or enjoyed at home with friends and full of fun festivities and food.

If you are looking to find a venue to watch the game, practically all of our local pubs, sports bars and even family restaurants that have TV’s will be showing the game. Some local venues which are really turning things up include:

Match Eatery and Public House in Langley, located at the Cascades Casino Resort will be hosting a special Superbowl 51 party. When it comes to football, this place doesn’t mess around, they even had one of their recent Football Club members win a trip to watch the big game live in Houston! There will be lots of prizing as well as great food, more information can be found here:

Joseph Richard Group, whom operate a few local favorite watering holes in Langley have already had some of their establishments launch their “Annual Tailgate Menu” for this week and among the mouthwatering items featured is the Bacon wrapped Hotdog! Since there is nothing that can follow up a statement like that, we will leave you with this link for more information


Now, for those of you looking to host and event and would like to cook up something flavourful and perhaps a bit more healthy, may we suggest Turkey… yes, Turkey can always be a great substitute for ground beef and goes so well in Chili, on Nacho’s as well as Wings that can be baked and grilled to your liking. One of our local stops for all things Turkey and more is JD Turkey Farm. They have everything you need as well as their own hot sauces and seasonings!




Finally, if Sunday’s aren’t your day to be productive in the kitchen to prepare for your guests yet you still want to wow them with something different, we suggest Well Seasoned in Langley. Their pre-ordered platters and Flatbreads are unique and can accommodate the appetites and palates of your football fans. It is as easy as ordering this week and picking up on Sunday before the game. More information on this big play can be found here:


Well seasoned



We hope you enjoy the game!

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