It’s been a slice, Langley!

I’ve been asked to write something to sum up my experience here at Tourism Langley in the summer role of Community Services Coordinator. I’m both happy to have the chance to share my experience with the Langley Explorer readers, and truly sad that my time with Tourism Langley has come to an end. While I am a full-time university student at the University of Calgary, I (unlike Britney) am not pursuing studies in Tourism. I was born and raised in Langley, and my husband, two cats, and our home all stay in Langley while I attend school in Calgary. In late April I began searching for a summer job here at home. I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do. I have a lot of customer service and sales experience so I decided to play to my strengths and began searching for jobs that would best utilize those skills. I found the posting for Tourism Langley and thought “Hey, that sounds cool!” and sent my resume off to Christina. When I was offered an interview I was excited. After my first interview I was ecstatic. After my second interview I was elated. And then I had to wait for over a day in limbo to hear if I would get the position or not. Lo and behold, I got the position and here I am.

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This has been an extremely memorable, and eye-opening, experience for me. I am so thankful that Tourism Langley was kind enough to offer me this position. There are so many things I loved and am taking away from this experience which made this the best summer job I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. First is my co-Community Services Coordinator, Britney. From day one the two of us hit it off, which is a very good thing because we’ve spent a lot of time together alone in the office and if we didn’t hit it off I’m sure it could have been unbearable. She’s a hard-working and passionate person who is going to do great things in the Tourism Industry and, hopefully, someone I will remain friends with going forward.

Second is the regular staff that makes Tourism Langley operate. These are some of the most kind-hearted, passionate and hard-working people who truly care about making Langley a true destination and bringing visitors and locals to our local entrepreneurs and businesses.  These people love their jobs and make amazing contributions to this community which often go unnoticed. Langley is lucky to have this amazing team that adds so much value to our community.

Third, I’ve loved the time I’ve spent with all of the visitors that I had the pleasure of meeting this summer. I have had the chance to speak with people from all over the world in the Visitor Information Centre. I’ve chatted with many locals at Farmer’s Markets, Community Day, Canada Day, Sports Fest, the Prospera Valley Gran Fondo and at Willowbrook Shopping Centre.

Fourth are all of the local partners and businesses that I’ve had the chance to visit, experience, and meet with over this summer. You all bring so much to Langley and I can’t wait until I’m done school and can spend my time continuing to explore this community and visit all of you again. Keep up all that you do!

Finally is the time that I spent working on my Langley Project Blog Series. My goal this summer was to develop a better appreciation of all that Langley has to offer. I am happy to say that I have more than succeeded in accomplishing this goal. I’ve spent time exploring my hometown in a way that I have never done before and have discovered local businesses that I wouldn’t have otherwise. While I’m genuinely sad to be leaving Langley for the school year, I am also so excited to come back and continue trying new things in our community. While I’ve shared some of the highlights with you in my previous blog posts, there have been so many other experiences that I’ve had in this community that I haven’t had the time share but that do deserve mention and so I’d like to take a moment to do that now. All of the Langley Circle Farm Tour stops deserve to be recognized as they are all amazing local businesses that offer a truly fantastic experience. I highly recommend taking the time to visit all of them. All of the local parks, both regional and municipal, deserve mention as well. We are so very fortunate to have such an abundance of outdoor havens to explore. All of our local restaurants and cafes have been so delicious and have certainly caused me to gain weight and were such a delight to visit. Every event that I’ve been able to attend in Langley this summer, from Community Day and Canada Day to the Langley Community Farmer’s Market and the Fort Langley Farmer’s Market, the Fete for the Food Bank and Arts Alive have been extremely fun and I hope to attend these events annually.

I am ending this summer with the most appreciation I have ever had for Langley. I feel passionate about supporting all of these local ventures that I’ve been introduced to and will miss Langley as I take a hiatus from exploring. Thank you Langley, it’s been a real slice!



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