Haunted History

I’m not saying I believe or I don’t believe but either way I am scared of ghosts. And just in case, and because you never know, I randomly put out into the universe “Ghosts… you are not welcome in my house.” You are not supposed to invite them in. That being said, I was strangely SO EXCITED to go on Fort Langley National Historic Sites Grave Tales – a tour through the ‘haunted’ locations in the village of Fort Langley.

Grave Tales. Photo Courtesy of Andrea Visscher.

The night was perfect, clear and cold with a big bright moon and the appropriate amount of mist that danced on the water of the Bedford Channel and twisted and turned through the grave stones at the Fort Langley Cemetery. Guiding us by lantern, our guide Aman began by telling us that the stories they had chosen to tell were the best and most validated by the people who live and work in Fort Langley. What we would learn is that Aman himself had a little first-hand experience of his own.

In general the history of Fort Langley is very interesting. People visit the area to see the Historic Site where the Hudson’s Bay Company once served as a trading post in the 1800’s. Fort Langley was also the location of the proclamation of British Columbia as a Crown Colony in 1858. People came to the area to seek their fortune. These historical events do provide the framework of the Grave Tales stories, but the spine-chilling tales involving people from this time will haunt you.

Grave Tales. Photo Courtesy of Andrea Visscher.

As we wandered through the village the stories got better and better and I was sufficiently spooked by the end of the tour and we were left to explore the deserted Fort Langley National Historic Site.  Be sure to stop by and warm your hands by the fire, and if you are brave, and if you dare, ask Aman about some of the other stories that he won’t tell inside the Big House. In his words “very bad things happen in there”.  Now, I’m not going to share the stories I heard – you will have to find out for yourself – but I will let you know that I will be looking over my shoulder for unsettled spirits on my next visit to Fort Langley.

Grave Tales is geared toward an adult audience and begins and ends at Fort Langley National Historic Site Friday thru Sunday in October and runs in all weather. Tickets are $15.10 per person and it is recommended to purchase them well in advance. For more information or for tickets please call 604.513.4777.

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