A Giant Experience in Langley

Yes… We’re sure you’ve heard the news, and perhaps are among the thousands of people who have recently experienced a Vancouver Giants game in Langley, but in case you have not, this blog post is for you.

October is always signaled by pumpkins, fall colours and hockey. This year in Langley the hockey has definitely stepped up another level. Attending a Vancouver Giants game is a must do for locals and our nearby neighbors alike for both what you will see on the ice, as well as off of it.

Beginning with the on ice experience, the Vancouver Giants are the first Western Hockey League team to call Langley home. The CHL is the pinnacle for minor hockey in Canada with it being one of the last steps prior to being drafted into the NHL. The CHL is broken up into three geographical locations with the Western Hockey League being home to teams from Manitoba to British Columbia as well as Washington and Oregon. These are some of the best players of this age group in Canada with quite a few having already been drafted to NHL teams. The Vancouver Giants are hosting an exciting team this year with some quality goal scorers up front and veteran goal-tending holding down the fort.

The off ice experience is also worth noting for a few additions to the Langley Events Centre. Starting with the increased parking stalls outside and additional staff to manage traffic, getting into the LEC on game day has become a very smooth process. Once inside you will notice the new LED lighting on the ceilings as well as the vast upgrades to the in house production which has coined the LEC as a “mini Roger’s arena” from some of the media whom have attended recent games. My personal favourite addition is the standing counter railing which allows one to place their beverage on a nice stainless steel railing and watch the game while standing.


As for the culinary experience, one is also in for a pleasant surprise as a popular Vancouver Giants staple from the Pacific Coliseum has also followed them to Langley and that of course is Triple O’s…. Another great addition is our friends from Trading Post Brewery are also onsite providing of their locally brewed craft beer.

The Vancouver Giants regular season schedule and ticket information can be found here:



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