Ghost of the Bogs

It’s one week until this year’s spookiest holiday and many will be celebrating at one of the numerous great events happening around the community.  If you’re planning a Halloween party of your own, and want to keep to the theme beyond the decorations, a little holiday ‘spirit’ may be fitting.  Langley’s own Fort Wine Co. has bottled white cranberries that is described to “leave you with pleasant chills up your back with its dry but crisp flavour”.  ‘Ghost of the Bogs’ name and label makes this the perfect libation to spook your guests with in the dark of the night.

Ghost of the Bogs

As this wine pairs well with poultry & lemon, we’ve included a recipe from Well Seasoned, A Gourmet Food Store which would be a delicious main course for your ghoulish get-together.

Recipe courtesy of Well Seasoned.

If you’re planning on picking up a bottle or two of this local wine, the Look at Langley card has a great discount for you! Pick it up at the Visitor Centre (7888 200th St.) and get 10% off a bottle, or 15% off a case of wine at Fort Wine Co.

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