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With an area of 317.15 km2 the Langley’s cover a large area of Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  Langley’s grid system of Streets and Avenues run from the Fraser River to the North, 0 Avenue to the South, East to Abbotsford and West to Surrey.  Both the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) and the Fraser Highway (Hwy 1A) run East-West through the community, as does a portion of Highway 10.  There is a saying here that ‘all roads lead to Langley’, and after looking at a map of the area it is easy to see that there are easy access points into Langley from each of the surrounding communities as well as the United States via our own border crossing at Aldergrove-Lynden.

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For those who enjoy the journey just as much as the destination, you will love Langley.  The winding country roads feature serene expanses of lush green acreage that spread out on either side of you.  Often rows of crops such as veggies, berries and vineyards fill your sight-line, and at other times grazing horses, cows and goats are seen enjoying the farm life.  The streams, bridges and trails of our parkland are also a sight for sore eyes, as riders on horseback, dog walkers, and cyclists enjoy the twists and turns of these peaceful trails.  The sounds of Langley’s country roads are most often filled with distant train horns, cows mooing, and the swish of bicycle tires on smooth asphalt.

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While running some errands the other day I was making my way from the City of Langley out to 248th St. via 56th Ave.  If you’ve ever driven this piece of road on a sunny day you will understand how I felt with the warmth on my skin, sunglasses on, winding my little hatchback up the twisting tree-lined hills between 232nd St. and 248th St.  Even my little car enjoys stretching its legs on a fun piece of road once in awhile.  While driving around I realized that the route I had chosen to get to my destinations included some of my favourite pieces of road in Langley.  If you have an afternoon to kill and feel like taking a little ride, I highly recommend the following route.

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Travel eastward on 56th Ave from the City of Langley to 248th St.  Turn left on 248th St, and travel North past Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery and Thunderbird Show Park for 3.2 km’s until you reach 72nd Ave.  Continue straight onto the winding historic Telegraph Trail.

The Telegraph Trail (or Collins Overland Telegraph Line) is a 2.07 km piece of road which earned its heritage distinction by the Township of Langley in 1974.  In April-May of 1865 the first telegraph system in the West began construction by Collins Overland Telegraph as an effort to link California through Alaska and the Bering Strait to Russia and on to Europe by telegraph.  Unfortunately the project was abandoned a year later when a cable was laid between Newfoundland and Ireland across the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.  For Langley itself, the Telegraph Trail, a byproduct of the telegraph line construction, became a major transportation route through the area until Old Yale Road began construction in 1872. (From the Langley Centennial Museum, heritage files via

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At the end of this section of the Telegraph Trail you will reach 80th Ave.  Turn right onto 80th and travel 2.1 km’s through rural farmland which includes a fantastically twisted hill sloped at such a grade that the speed limit slows to 15 km’s an hour for approximately 450 meters.  Next make a left onto 252 St.  It is along this stretch of road that you will pass Aldor Acres Family Farm and Dairy Centre, as well as the famous red farmhouse you’ve probably seen photos of.  It sits in the middle of a turf field on the East side of the road looking as significant as ever in all its retired glory.  Continuing to the end of 252nd St will bring you to 88th Ave (or River Rd.).  From here I like to head back westward along the river enjoying the picturesque Bedford Channel views, ending up in the Village of Fort Langley.

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