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The glory days of the drive in movie theatre have passed but that doesn’t mean that these great attractions aren’t still around. With only 3 left in BC, Langley is so lucky to have one to call our own. Twilight drive-in is located just off Fraser Highway in Aldergrove but it’s so big that I’m sure you won’t miss it. Open everyday rain or shine Twilight Drive-In is perfect for dates or for a fun family outing. You can’t go wrong with the tradition of the drive-in so be sure to check it out this summer!

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For those that are experiencing a drive-in for the first time, the shows run later than a regular indoor movie theatre as it needs to be dark outside to properly see the films. Shows usually start at dusk but since dusk changes as the month’s progress, show time schedules change weekly. On weekdays, 2 shows run around 9:10 and 11:30 in the summer, while Friday and Saturday have a third show that starts at around 1:40am for those night owls. All you need is your car and its radio as the movie sound runs directly through the car’s speakers; pretty cool eh! The twilight drive-in website has a very extensive FAQ section which should aid in any questions that should arise. Unfortunately, no outside food is allowed and here is their eloquent explanation as to why:

“Movie theatres survive on the concession revenue; up to 90% of the box-office goes to the film companies. In order to keep the drive-in around for a long time, we ask that you respect this rule. Your support at the concession is what keeps the drive-in open! Commercial foods from other food establishments are not allowed as it hurts our sales. We are a food establishment after all.”

This week’s schedule at the drive in sees the last week of Life of pets and Central Intelligence.


On Friday Star Trek: Beyond, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows all make their debut at the Twilight so be sure to check those out as well


All playtime information can be found here.

Twilight Drive-in is a great and nostalgic experience for some and a cool new experience for others, one thing is for certain though, be sure to avoid peaking at the screen as you drive by on Fraser Highway as it may spoil some endings!

Happy movie watching!

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