Douglas Day Celebrations

Douglas Day is held on November 19th every year and will be celebrated by many this month at the Fort Langley National Historic Site on November 17th.  Douglas Day, the day to celebrate the establishment of the colony of British Columbia and its first governor James Douglas is held every year in Fort Langley, also known as the Birthplace of BC who hosts a Caribbean celebration in coordination with Parks Canada, the Fort Langley Legacy Foundation, and the Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of BC.  Many are unaware of James Douglas’ Caribbean roots, but indeed he hails from Guyana, a country on the north-eastern shore of South America.

154 years ago, in our own Fort Langley’s big house, James Douglas proclaimed British Columbia a crown colony.  We have been celebrating Douglas Day for over 25 years, and everyone is invited to gather again this year at the Fort Langley Community Hall and follow a procession through the community and into the historic site for a free afternoon of entertainment from noon to three that includes a steel drum band, Caribbean food, and the chance to witness a re-enactment of the signing of the proclamation.

It is important to keep celebrations for “The Father of British Columbia” alive and Fort Langley has been doing a great job of that for years.  This weekend’s celebration won’t disappoint, so if you’ve never been part of this historic celebration before, this is your chance to learn more about the history of British Columbia, and celebrate a man who made important contributions to the formation of this country we call home.

For more information on Douglas Day and the events happening in Fort Langley, watch the clip below from CBC’s coverage of last year’s event.


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