Doggy Paradise in Langley

Langley has plenty of beautiful walking trails to explore with your four legged friends on leash. However, sometimes there is nothing better than letting them run leash free! I’ve been visiting Langley dog parks all summer with my dog Mila and I am here to give a full report! The three I have visited are: the Brookswood Dog Park, Derby Reach and Walnut Grove Park.

Photo Credit: Sangudo on Flickr

Photo Credit: Sangudo on Flickr

Brookswood Dog Park

The Brookswood Dog Park has the most open space out of the Langley dog parks. Perfect if you have a ball thrower and a dog who loves to fetch! It has a gravel walking track around the perimeter of the park which is great to get a little exercise for yourself and your pup! The whole park is fenced and there is a separate fenced area within the park for small dogs. There are poop bags available for your dogs at the entrance, and a bathroom available for humans as well. The walking track has benches along the way, as well as multiple garbage cans (Every dog owner knows the annoyance of having to hold the bag forever it seems until you finally happen upon a garbage can – won’t happen here!). After it rains, there tends to be a few stinky muddy areas that of course most dogs love to check out! They are quite smelly, so avoid them if you can, and if not there is a hose available near the washroom. Here dogs can get a drink from the water dishes, or a rinse off if they do decide to play in the mud. This is a pretty popular dog park, so there will always be at least a dog or two there to play with your furry friend!

Location: 206th St. Near 44th Ave. Map

This is Mila.

This is Mila.


Derby Reach

Derby Reach is a lovely area for anyone whether you have a dog or not. It’s right on the river with plenty of picnic tables, benches and all the facilities you would need for day use. There is also camping available at Derby Reach on a first come first serve basis. After walking through the day use area you will come upon the fence that enters the dog park! The dog park is broken into sections depending on what you and your pup are looking for. They are all completely fenced (with the exception of one backing onto the river) and there is, of course an area for small dogs only. Then there are 3 large sections for everyone else. One section is right along the river, with long and short grass and a few trees dotting the area. Mila loved to prance through the long grass and dart in and out of the trees! The next section is a bit more open with short grass and some picnic tables. A perfect spot for an afternoon lunch and a game of Frisbee with your pup! The last section in Derby Reach has a large walking ring for us humans to wander around as the dogs play! There is grass all around the little track. Mila had such a fun time in here running around with all the other dogs. This is a well set up dog park, with poop bags at the entrance, benches and picnic tables inside, and lots of different areas for the dogs to run free. My favourite part of this park however, is the proximity to many of Fort Langley’s wonderful walking trails. The last time Mila and I were there, we parked in a different area and walked part of the Fort-to-Fort trail and then the Edge Farm Trail. If you’re feeling up to it before or after the dog park this is a beautiful area to walk with your dog on leash! The Fort-to-Fort trail will lead you right into Fort Langley, where you can then pop by a local cafe for a bite to eat. Many have lovely patio areas where your dog can be right by your side as you eat or enjoy your coffee. Derby reach is a wonderful spot to go with your four-legged friends. I tend to make it a bit of a day trip and go spend time in Fort Langley after we have been to the dog park, but it is perfect for a quick stop and run around as well!

Location: Off Allard Crescent – Watch for park signs and pull into the Derby Reach day use area to park. Map 1. Map 2.


Walnut Grove Park

This park is much smaller than the previous two, but it’s perfect if you and your pup are just getting used to dog parks or for just a quick play. It’s fenced, offers free poop bags and has a bench for us humans to sit while the dogs play. This park is located right off the Langley Lane Green Way which is a very lovely paved walking area between 208th Street and 216th Street. So if you live in this area and are out for a walk with your dog, treat them to a little off-leash roam at this cute little dog area!

Location: 213th Street just before you reach 96th Avenue. Map.


Photo Credit: Ezra Goldschlager on Flickr.

Photo Credit: Ezra Goldschlager on Flickr.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of which park you and your furry friend should stop by next! If you visit any of these, please remember to use the provided doggy bags and pick up after your dog so everyone will be able to enjoy these parks in the future!

If you have any other suggestions for places you love to take your dog on or off leash please comment below and let us know!

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