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16 Oct, 2013

Halloween Event Roundup

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This Halloween, you can celebrate the spooky holiday in a number of traditional and non-traditional ways in Langley.  Paint your face and be mistaken for the walking dead as part of Zombie Fest happening this Saturday, October 19th at the Fort Langley Studio.

09 Oct, 2013

Celebrating the Local Harvest

Categories: Agritourism, Heritage & Culture, Wine & Food

This year, Thanksgiving falls on Monday, October 14th in Canada.  Langleyites celebrate the holiday and the harvest season, as do many Canadians, with a traditional feast featuring a plump and juicy turkey as the main course, with a side of cranberry sauce of course.  Langley has long historical ties to both turkey’s and cranberries that might surprise you.

01 Oct, 2013

An Apple a Day…

Categories: Agritourism, Heritage & Culture, Wine & Food

The apples are crisp, sweet, tart, juicy and tasty.  Harvested within the last couple of weeks they are plentiful and will never taste quite as great as they do right this very minute. Thanks to some recent stats from the Ministry of Agriculture, I discovered that BC produces almost 30% of the apples grown in Canada, up to 195,000 tonnes…that is more than 1 billion apples.  And, that the average British Columbian will consume 75 to 100 apples per person per year.   That is a lot of apples!  Are you doing your part?

25 Sep, 2013

Heritage Apple Day

Categories: Agritourism, Heritage & Culture, Wine & Food

Apple trees have a long history in Langley, dating back to the 1,800’s.  In Derby Reach Regional Park, these tasty trees teach us about our rural past, as well as the settlement history of the Fraser Valley.  Domestic apples appeared in the Pacific Northwest along with early settlement.  The stock now located in Derby Reach was probably brought by Hudson’s Bay Company workers from their original planting spot in Fort Vancouver (now Vancouver, Washington) in 1827 or 1828.

10 Sep, 2013

BBQ on the Bypass

Categories: Activities & Recreation, Wine & Food

When the sun is shining and the skies are blue it means that it’s time to bring out the Barbeque. Grab the family and indulge in a variety of BBQ chicken, brisket, ribs, pork, and pretty much anything else you can BBQ at the 8th annual BBQ on the Bypass.  Every year people from all over come and enjoy what this event has to offer with a variety of fun entertainment to delectable food.

03 Sep, 2013

Canning Ahead

Categories: Agritourism, Wine & Food

What’s old is new again…canning and preserving is the new black.  I don’t know how or when it happened but real food is making a comeback.  I don’t care how it got here, I am just glad it arrived.  You can see it in the faces of the people that shop at the local farmers market – they eye up the produce, find inspiration and mentally process the endless possibilities, it is so much fun to watch.

07 Aug, 2013

Bard in the Vineyard – A Perfect Pairing

Categories: Activities & Recreation, Heritage & Culture, Wine & Food

When a local drama group partners with a local vineyard for an alfresco production of Shakespeare you get – Bard in the Vineyard. Over a couple weekends in late July, Township 7′s picturesque south Langley vineyard was the stage for Bard in the Valley’s performance of ‘The Comedy of Errors’.

12 Jun, 2013

Endless Farm Fresh Choices

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June is here, the sun in shining (okay well it was), markets are open, and our local berries are ripe for the picking! This means that Langley’s Circle Farm Tour is in full swing! All stops on the 2013 tour are now open for business which means that you can finally head out to the berry farms and pick that juicy ripe fruit directly from the fields. Strawberries have arrived, and it’s only time before the rest of our favourite local berries can be picked up, farm fresh.

15 May, 2013

Open for the Season: Farmer’s Markets

Categories: Activities & Recreation, Agritourism, Shopping & Services, Wine & Food

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”…that is the song that has been going around in my head lately.  Yes, I realize it is not Christmas or back to school but it IS one week until the opening day of the Langley Community Farmers Market and that is a little like Christmas to me!  If you have not had a chance to visit a Farmer’s Market in previous years, you are absolutely missing out!  Every Wednesday from 2:00 – 6:00pm in the Courtyard of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, you will find more than 30 vendors that “Make it, Bake it or Grow it”.  Or spend your Saturday’s strolling through the garden of the Bedford House Restaurant in Fort Langley while browsing the tents of the Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market, which takes place from 10am – 3pm and includes another great array of market vendors.  The newest market to the area is Milner Village Market located at the Milner Village Garden Centre also on Saturday’s starting June 1st from 10am – 3pm.

08 May, 2013

My Perfect Weekend

Categories: Activities & Recreation, Heritage & Culture, Itineraries, Shopping & Services, Wine & Food

The weather this past weekend could not have been more co-operative for writing about a Perfect Weekend.  Now of course one person’s perfect weekend may not be another’s but when I travel I love to read about personal experiences, especially from a local’s perspective.  As I have mentioned on this blog before, I was born and raised in Langley. I have watched it change and grow, and this year seemed like an appropriate time to reflect a bit on my home town.  I have a birthday coming up that may or may not start with a 4 and end with an 0.  So with that I thought I would share with you what my perfect weekend in Langley would include and maybe take a little trip or two down memory lane while we are at it.