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27 May, 2014

A New Summer Adventure

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I caught the travel bug at a young age. In my teen years I went to visit family friends in Germany, and ever since I’ve had a passion for travel and the tourism industry. I decided after high school to pursue this passion and I enrolled at Thompson Rivers University in their Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree program. I have managed to squeeze in small trips between semesters or during breaks, my most recent trip being a few months in SE Asia. However, as much as I love hopping on a plane and arriving somewhere completely new and different, there is something wonderful about being a tourist in your own backyard. This summer I have that opportunity.

30 Apr, 2014

Cheeky Little Signs of Spring

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A sure sign of spring is the rhubarb making its move in the garden – spreading out and staking its claim hoping you won’t notice how much territory it has actually taken over.  If you leave it alone to do its thing, you will wake up one morning with it next to you in bed…give it an inch, it takes a mile.  This cheeky little plant is actually a vegetable – not a fruit as most people think.  Its leaves are highly toxic and they shouldn’t be consumed by people or animals.  The only edible part of the plant is actually the stalk and has a bonus; it is a great source of vitamin c and iron.

28 Aug, 2013

My Experiences as a Visitor Counsellor

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It’s that time of the year again where kids are getting ready to start school in September and summer is drawing to an end. We hold dear our summer memories and embrace the change into fall and a new season. This past summer I was lucky enough to work as a Visitor Counsellor at the Langley Visitor Centre. Throughout the past few months I had the opportunity to meet and greet local and international visitors to Langley and share with them all the amazing things that our community has to offer. It is always fascinating to meet visitors traveling to my home town and getting their perspective on Langley and British Columbia as a whole. They would always tell me how beautiful it is here and how lucky we are to live in the Lower Mainland. The visitors are always friendly and all have such great stories to share about where they come from. One of the benefits of working in the Visitor Centre is it kept me up to date on all the fun events happening in Langley over the summer. Some of these events I attended to represent Tourism Langley and the community, which was a lot of fun.

05 Jun, 2013

A Girls Getaway

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There’s nothing quite like girls’ night out.

These days, women have a lot on their plates. That’s why it’s so important to take some time for ourselves to spend with the ladies in our lives – girls’ night.  I recently had the opportunity to head over to  the Cascades Casino Resort for some quality bonding time with my closest girlfriends.  Many don’t know it but they offer many wonderful packages for visitors to take advantage of, including their Girls’ Night Out package.

29 May, 2013

The Start of the Season

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I began to search for a summer job in late April and I had very precise criteria I hoped this search would fill. I wanted a job that was dynamic, a job where I would meet new and interesting individuals, a job where I could help people, and a job that I would enjoy. So when I stumbled across the Destination Services Coordinator position at Tourism Langley I thought it would be a perfect match for me, and I have not been disappointed. In my short time here I have already met people from Switzerland, Quebec and the United States, as well as several interesting and adventurous locals looking for something to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon.