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I’ve always boasted about the artistic talent in the Fraser Valley.  There are reminders everywhere – from the beautiful galleries and public art displays to the many unique celebrations such as “Art in the Vines” at Township 7 wineries or the annual “Arts Alive” Festival.  I’m a frustrated artist, and while I’ve never put a paint brush to canvas or created something so spectacular that I could start to think of a new career path, I have long appreciated the beauty of art and respected the depth of the natural talent of an artist.  Someone once told me that an artist lies in each of us – I’m not so sure when I see how little the stick men have evolved in my now adult children’s drawings – but when a friend called to ask me to accompany her this past weekend on the annual Langley Art Studio Tour, I cleared my calendar for the day.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” – Edgar Degas

Photo Courtesy of Anne Stahl on Flickr.

There is rarely an opportunity when you can visit the working studios of local artists.  This self-guided tour provides that unique experience.  Whether you are looking for a one of a kind abstract, a spectacular oil painting depicting the spectacular Fraser Valley scenery or a custom piece of jewelry inspired by nature, you’ll find it in the welcoming comfort and surroundings of the artists home.  New to this year’s tour was the addition of some stops of interest that enhanced their business with guest artists on site.  A little sauvignon blanc while you interpret the art?  Now that’s a perfect pairing!  It was such a great way to spend a glorious fall day that I decided to add a couple more studios to my “things to do” the next day – and have marked my calendar for next year – the last two weekends in September – and hope that my friend will be included in the showcase of Langley’s creative spaces.

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  • Donna Leavens says:

    As an artist in the Langley Art Studio tour, I appreciate this feed back. Beautifully expressed and a confirmation that our efforts are not totally self serving but impact others in a positive way.