A Tour Through Vietnam

Lately I’ve been finding it hard to come up with anything interesting to cook up for dinner during the week.  I tend to stick with the tried and true favourites and rarely do I experiment with new ingredients, spices or flavours.  A great way to learn some new skills in the kitchen and satisfy all the hungry stomachs at your dinner table is to take part in a local cooking class.  Awhile ago I attended a class with my colleagues, and I think it just may be time to book myself another one!DSCN2944

The ‘Tour Through Vietnam’ with Chef Thaung Yan was a great experience; one that provided me the opportunity to take the new skills I had learnt from Chef Yan and use them at home to treat my fiance and friends to some delicious pho and other Vietnamese dishes.  Even if I do only get around to making Vietnamese food once in a blue moon, it has the ability to refresh my attitude towards cooking and excites me into purchasing different ingredients at the grocery store, which results in many more satisfied sighs after dinner.DSCN2925

Taking the class in itself is also a lot of fun, especially if you get a group of friends or family together.  You could even make it a date night with your significant other.  This evening’s class started out with introductions and background from the chef, a lovely glass of vino, and some tasty starters.  The real treat – besides learning a new recipe – is getting to eat it as well!  The ‘tasting’ portion of the evening is by far the best and we all agreed that Chef Yan makes some delectable pho.  The following courses included lemongrass grilled pork on steamed rice, Vietnamese style beef stew with tomato and potato and a delicious take on a vegetable stir-fry.  Dessert was also served!DSCN2946

Not only do you learn some great new skills and new recipes, but you are also treated to a meal out!  Spots in Langley to book a class include: Well Seasoned – A Gourmet Food Store, Ban Chok Dee Thai Restaurant, Tasty Raw Chef, and on occasion, Seasonal 56 & JD Farms

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