A New Summer Adventure

I caught the travel bug at a young age. In my teen years I went to visit family friends in Germany, and ever since I’ve had a passion for travel and the tourism industry. I decided after high school to pursue this passion and I enrolled at Thompson Rivers University in their Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree program. I have managed to squeeze in small trips between semesters or during breaks, my most recent trip being a few months in SE Asia. However, as much as I love hopping on a plane and arriving somewhere completely new and different, there is something wonderful about being a tourist in your own backyard. This summer I have that opportunity.

Photo Credit: @erinryser on Instagram.

Photo Credit: @erinryser on Instagram.

I was searching for a summer position within the tourism industry, and when I came across the Community Services Coordinator posting with Tourism Langley, I knew that it would be the job to aim for. Fortunately for me, I was offered the position. I now get to meet all sorts of visitors to Langley, whether they’re from across the world or from right here in Langley, and I have the chance to make their time here as memorable as possible. I also get to do a lot of exploring myself, as I have never lived in Langley. I can be a tourist in my own backyard and experience all the wonderful parks, festivals and attractions that Langley has to offer.

This summer I am looking forward to working with a wonderful team here at Tourism Langley. I am also extremely excited to have the chance to improve visitor’s time in Langley. I am eager to learn all I can about the community and in turn pass it on to visitors to improve their time here. During my time with Tourism Langley I hope to further my knowledge of the tourism industry, and what better way to do that than by picking the brain of our Destination Specialist, Sport Tourism Consultant, and Executive Director!

This summer is shaping up to be a fantastic one! Looking at the upcoming events on the Tourism Langley website confirms it. There are cooking classes, festivals, farmers markets, fairs, sporting events and more! There is truly something for everyone – I am going to need to start planning how I am going to fit it all in before summers end! I am excited to meet all the visitors who come see us this summer, so please come in and say hello! I also hope that all you Langleyites won’t hesitate to come visit us at the Visitors Center and learn something new about your community as well as teach me about things I have yet to discover!



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