6 Coffee Shops to warm up in Langley, B.C.

As January comes to an end, the days are getting longer but the cooler wet temperatures are sticking around for a little bit longer. From rainy cloud days to ice and snow, we have put together a list of 6 coffee shops you should check out when you are in need of warming up!



Photo courtesy of Milsean Shoppe

Milsean Shoppe in Aldergrove has everything for the sweet tooth. Located on 272nd in a renovated fire station is the home to the Demerara Butter Crunch. Grab your coffee to go or stay awhile and try their delicious menu items, including the waffles! Don’t forget to stock up on their mouth watering chocolate and sweets too! Check out their website for the different sweet varieties.


This cozy café is located right before Brookswood Park. Perfectly named for it’s delicious coffee and giant muffins, is Cravings Coffee & Bakery. Warm up with one of their delicious hot chocolates or grab a flavoured latte. Don’t forget to try their scones too!

Fort Langley-

A popular gelato spot in Fort Langley also makes delicious coffees and baked goods! Stop by Maria’s Gelato on Glover Road to warm up while you visit Fort Langley. Hungry for a little bit more, they also do sandwiches and lunch specials. Don’t forget to order a latte for the beautiful latte art on top! Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Photo courtesy of Maria's Gelato

Photo courtesy of Maria’s Gelato


Located at the Langley Airport, this small but mighty coffee shop serves the best pie too! After moving to the Langley airport within the last couple of years, the Airport Coffee Shop offers you breakfast, lunch and dinner or just stop for a cup of coffee or pie! You can drive or fly in and remember to say I Fly for Pie! See the full menu here.

Walnut Grove-

Nestled just off HWY 1 in the heart of Walnut Grove is where the Watershed Arts Café lies. This warm and welcoming café offers delicious bites to eat and coffee for everyone. Choose between varieties of dairy alternatives to mix into your cup of coffee. Watch their Facebook page as they will host live music in the café. Don’t forget to try their Green Goo as a salad dressing.

Photo courtesy of Watershed Arts Cafe

Photo courtesy of Watershed Arts Cafe




Located behind the Langley Event Centre in Willoughby Town Centre lies Mattu’s Coffee & Tea! You may recognize this chain as it’s also in Willowbrook Shoppping Centre! Not only can you stop in for your regular latte or steeped tea but you can grab a bag of coffee or teapot for your home. Feeling a little hungry, choose from a variety of pastries to pair with your coffee. See the full coffee and tea menu here.

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Photo courtesy of Milsean Shoppe

Photo courtesy of Milsean Shoppe


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