5 things to do in South Langley

As cities grow and communities change it is sometimes difficult to hold on to the roots of how it all came to be. Many towns and cities merely bare the names of their former selves as they have grown and become changed with time. Langley has always been a farming and pioneering community, that is its roots. Now, Langley is growing fast and is as diverse as ever, which is one of its most positive features. But somehow amongst all the growth and change many of Langley’s communities have still managed to save glimpses of the past that are so important to hold on to. One of these such places is South Langley, the sense of community and agricultural roots is strong in this area and with that comes some pretty interesting things to do while touring this locale. Here are 5 things that you need to check out if you find yourself south of Fraser Highway.


Campbell Valley Regional Park

1.Campbell Valley Regional Park

This Regional Park truly is a hidden gem. Its trails through the forest are among the best in the Fraser Valley and offer the opportunity to see a great diversity of wildlife. The park is also popular among the horse riding community as its trails are open to equestrian riding. The picnic areas in the park are perfect for enjoying a nice lunch outdoors after a beautiful walk through forests, marshes, and along rivers. Also, many people don’t know that there is an old race track hidden within the park that used to hold all sorts of racing events. The Langley Speedway in Campbell Valley is actually one of the only sites in BC to ever hold a Nascar Event. Keeping on the theme of park history, the historic farmhouse in Campbell Valley Park, built in 1888, is one of the oldest houses still in existence in the Township of Langley ( So, as you can see, this beautiful Park is very unique and diverse which is why people have made the trek to South Langley for years to come check it out.

Photo courtesy of Cathy Finely

Photo courtesy of Cathy Finely

  1. Laurica Farm

This certified organic Farm stands out as a destination farm for organic products and is just so perfectly located in South Langley. Before there were pest control poisons, everything was organic. Now many people are making the choice to eat organic again for a variety of reasons. If this catches your attention then Laurica Farm is definitely a place to check out. Laurica Farm also hosts many events, mostly food oriented, that can be attended by all. We have all of their events posted on our events page! You can host your own events at the farm as well(up to 30 people), making it great for dinners, family parties, workshops, team days, learning and professional development. So, go check this beautiful farm in South Langley on 12th avenue! P.S One of the goats just had two twin baby goats that are beyond cute…


  1. Campbell Valley Wine Route

Who knew that Langley had its own wine route! And better yet, the whole route in its entirety is located in South Langley. This self-guided tour takes place through 4 vineyards in the Campbell Valley area, hence the name. Township 7, with their newly renovated tasting room, is just off 16th avenue around 212 Street. They take an old world minimalist approach giving their wines a unique feel to be enjoyed by all. Just South of 32nd Avenue on 232 Street you’ll find backyard vineyards perched on its hill overlooking a steep ravine. With beautiful indoor and outdoor tasting rooms and lounge areas this winery is definitely one that shouldn’t be passed up. Vista D’Oro Farms and Winery is located south of Campbell Valley park on 208th street. They offer an authentic agritourism experience coupled with the winery to make it a great destination for all tastes. Last but not least, Chaberton Estates Winery on 216th street prides itself in its ability to produce top notch BC Wine. On site you will find the French inspired Bacchus Bistro which perfectly captures the spirit of wine culture. All together, these 4 wineries make up this hidden gem of a wine route, all unique in their own way and all located in South Langley.


  1. Catch a Langley Riverman Game at George Preston Rec Centre

With the recent news of the Vancouver Giants moving to the LEC, the Langley Rivermen of the BCHL decided to make space for their new neighbor by moving to the George Preston Rec Centre in Brookswood for the 2016/17 season. This move brings back memories of the old Langley Hornets and Langley Chiefs days at the Civic Centre (now George Preston Rec Centre). Although many may have liked the LEC, this change comes with some awesome arena upgrades for George Preston that will transform the arena into a “Rivermen Lodge” theme both inside and outside! All in all, this Brookswood Arena will be an exciting place to visit this fall for a game or even just to enjoy a public skate. Ticket information can be found on . The rich hockey history in Langley will continue to flow through George Preston and I’m sure the Langley Rivermen are excited for it!

Kensington Prairie Farm

Kensington Prairie Farm

  1. Kensington Prairie Farm

Now Located on Historic 248th street and 16th avenue, Kensington Prairie Farm is home to 30 + animals. But what kind of animals you say? Alpacas of course! This unique farm prides itself on raising alpacas and its farm gate store is home to many alpaca products. They inadvertently continue the rich Langley history of raising farm animals and are happy to share this with the public. Alpaca fur is renowned around the world for its varied use in many products and Kensington Prairie Farm offers many of these products in their store. From clothes, to blankets, to toys, alpaca fur is great and definitely unique.  Their store is open Friday to Sunday making it perfect for a weekend day trip to South Langley.


These are only 5 places to check out in South Langley, but the area has so much more to offer. From Parks and Rec, Agritourism, and Historical Significance, South Langley encompasses the Langley of yesterday and today all in one. One of the most exciting parts, however, is that South Langley is merely one area of a township with countless other unique communities all with their own history and stories. I encourage you to go and explore this great destination and don’t forget to hashtag any photos you post from there with #langleyfresh so we can see them!

Have a Great Week!

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