5 Reasons Why Langley is one of Canada’s Most Romantic Cities

Have you heard the big news? Langley has been named the eighth most romantic city in all of Canada!  Ooh-la-la!

Two weeks ago, revealed the ranking, which was also shared in our local newspaper. This is exciting stuff and such a tremendous honour. If the ranking comes as a shock to you — that’s okay. When you’ve spent most of your life living in the same town, it can be easy to take all its quirks and charms for granted.

Photo: J.-F. Bergeron / Enviro Foto

Photo: J.-F. Bergeron / Enviro Foto

With Valentine’s Day just days away, this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time — especially for those last-minute planners who are wondering what to do. When you realize all that all the ingredients for romance exist here in your own backyard, you’ll have no problem planning the perfect date or falling in love with Langley all over again.

Here are 5 reasons why Langley is one of the most romantic cities in the country.

1. Picturesque Parks & Trails

Let’s face it — Langley is pretty darn picture perfect, especially when it comes to all of the breathtaking parks and trails to choose from. Imagine a picnic laden with locally produced goodies like freshly made cheese from Milner Valley Cheese Ltd., a loaf of French bread from Cobs Bread and cupcakes from Tracycakes Bakery Cafe, while taking refuge under a towering cotton wood at Campbell Valley Regional Park. In the distance, you can hear the faint sound of meandering streams and enjoy the rural farmland scenery. If you’re in the mood for a little hike, the Fort-to-Fort Trail is a peaceful nature walk through an ethereal-looking wooded forest. Just make sure you snuggle up close with your sweet heart as it tends to be chilly near the Fraser River. For a listing of more oh-so-romantic parks and trails in Langley, click here.

Photo: @running_light via Instagram

Photo: @running_light via Instagram

2. Romance Uncorked

Romance pairs perfectly with vino — and fortunately there’s no shortage here in Langley. Our lush –pun fully intended — little community produces and uncorks a wide variety of wines to suit even the most discerning palate. The best part is, you can head to one of the many wineries located throughout Langley to enjoy free samplings — some even offer nibbles to go down with your sips. The wineries boast breath taking views of rural farm land and rolling hills. Click here for a listing of lust-worthy wineries. Bottoms up!

3. Le Chocolat

There’s no doubt about it, chocolate and romance go hand-in-hand. If you’re in the market to pick up a box of these tasty little aphrodisiacs for the love of your life, look no further than…wait for it — Langley! For the chocolate connoisseurs or those just wanting to treat themselves, Euphoria Handcrafted Chocolates in Fort Langley offers hand-rolled and dipped truffles of various enticing flavours — all made with natural ingredients. Milsean Shoppe over in Aldergrove is another sweet spot with delectable unique treats and goodies to nibble on. If you prefer, you can enjoy your dessert in their cozy little tea shop.

4. Go Back in Time

Speaking of tea, did you know that Langley is steeped in history and romance? Not just a place for eclectic dining or shopping, this popular destination for tourists and locals is the exact location of where the Hudson’s Bay Company established a small post to trade with the First Nations of the West Coast over a century and a half ago. This enterprise would go on to lead the creation of our province’s colony. And of course, there are plenty of stories of romance, heartbreak and victory that you can find out about during a visit to the Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada.

Photo: J.-F. Bergeron / Enviro Foto

Photo: J.-F. Bergeron / Enviro Foto

5. For the Love of Local Dining

From cozy cafes and farm fresh delicatessens to lounges and elegant fine dining, there is certainly no shortage of romantic hot spots to tickle your taste buds. Many establishments are declaring their love of Langley loud and proud by featuring more locally inspired menus and entertainment. Click here for a list of drool-worthy restaurants.

And there you have it — five reasons to fall head over heels with Langley all over again. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, but don’t just reserve romance for one day out of the calendar year. With all of the great wineries, dining destinations, history and natural beauty here in your own back yard, every day is a good enough reason to get sentimental and sappy with your sweetie. Muah!

Here’s a listing of the Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in Canada, according to

1.  Victoria, British Columbia

2.  Winnipeg, Manitoba

3.  Niagara Falls, Ontario

4.  Lethbridge, Alberta

5. North Vancouver, British Columbia

6.  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

7. Kamloops, British Columbia

8.  Langley, British Columbia

9. Edmonton, Alberta

10. Regina, Saskatchewan

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